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by Del Bartels The Philip City Council met as an election canvassing board Thursday, June 7, to verify the count from the June 5 city bond election. Out of 505 eligible voters residing within city limits, 184 cast ballots on the bond issue. That means there was a 36.4 percent voter turnout. The “yes” votes in favor of raising the debt limits for the city of Philip were 139, while the “no” votes were 45. The “yes” vote won by a 75.5 percent landslide. The city now has the financial option to proceed with the street projects of Wood and Walden avenues, Pine Street and Wray Avenue. Haakon County, as a total, had a 26 percent voter turnout for the June 7 primary election. Out of a total of 1,364 eligible voters, 358 cast ballots. Precinct breakdowns were: Deep Creek – 32 voted out of 129 eligible voters, Milesville – 32 of 162, Midland – 59 of 289, Deadman – 65 of 272, Lake Waggoner – 95 of 257, and South Fork – 75 of 255. The last three precincts listed have portions of their boundaries within Philip city limits. Countywide, Republican presi-
Philip’s bond issue passes Windstorm brings damage
dential candidate Mitt Romney won with 69.7 percent of the Republican 264 votes. He also won statewide. Democratic United States Representative candidate Matt Varilek won with 81.69 percent of the 71 Democratic vote. He also won statewide. Haakon County Auditor Pat Freeman said that counties throughout South Dakota varied in voter turnouts. Ziebach County had the lowest with eight percent and Potter County had the highest with 54.7 percent. The city council dismissed as an election canvassing board and reconvened for city business. Ken Asheim with Professional Insurers Dakotacare reviewed for the council the city’s employee health insurance rate increases and options. “You are very typical with city governments with rates and premiums,” said Asheim. “Healthcare costs are rising; it’s just a fact.” Philip has eight full time employees, and all eight are on the insurance policy. Council Member Greg Arthur, acting as council president at this meeting, said of the city’s position, “The wages aren’t great, so we’ve kept the health insurance as a cadillac policy.” Council Member Marion Matt said, “We need to keep our people, and treat them fairly. I want what’s best for the employee, but we are not working for the employee but for the city.” This year, the city had budgeted for a possible 10 percent increase in premiums, though the actual increase was 5.6 percent. The council will look into any changes in deductibles and premiums next year. A building permit was approved for Scotchman Industries to pour a 30-inch thick concrete pad to hold a nitrogen tank that will be placed next to an already existing tank. The nitrogen is used to power a cutting laser. Planning on giving as many hours as possible to the regular swimming pool lifeguards, the city has accepted Gayle Rush’s volunteering as a lifeguard if an otherwise unfillable time slot should present itself. The next regular council meeting will be Monday, July 2, at 7:00 p.m. in the Haakon County Courthouse Community Room.
Pioneer review
Number 43 Volume 106 June 14, 2012
The storm Saturday evening, June 9, brought rain, hail, a power outage and devastating winds to Haakon County. Shown is what is left of a grain bin on the north side of Highway 14 across from the roping arena. More photos in this issue. by Del Bartels The storm that came through Haakon County, Saturday evening, June 9, affected everyone in some manner. According to Susan Sanders, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service out of Rapid City, a cold front came through from the southwest. “There were a couple of different lines, and they produce stronger winds.” At approximately 9:40 p.m. the electrical power went out. Joe Connot, director of member services for West Central Electric Cooperative, said that the reason was simply, “Eighty mile per hour winds.” Eight three-phase heavy construction power poles in the Kirley Road area were broken by the wind. They snapped at various points, but “most right at ground level.” The area involved a long rectangle from the truck stop east of Kadoka, west to Cactus Flat, and north to the Cheyenne River. “We have a transmission feed out of Philip that feeds Philip and Kadoka. We had two wires wrapped together and that was the cause of the transmission outage,” said Connot. “We can operate – open and close – transmission lines here in Murdo, so we had Kadoka back on in minutes. Then we got the Philip substation on.” The power was on within about 45 minutes. The weather station at the Philip Airport also lost power, so official weather information was not available from there. “We don’t have a lot of weather stations that measure wind, and they are far apart,” said Sanders. Eighty mile per hour winds could have been possible. “The west side of the Badlands had gusts of 65 mph, and Wall had near 60 mph. Closer to your area, and again the station in Cottonwood was not in the core of the storm, had 53 mph. It was likely all straight line winds,” said Sanders. “The biggest report to us of hail in your area are inch-sized hail southwest of Creighton.” The storm tipped over semitrucks and campers. It blew apart fences and livestock windbreaks. It blew in, and out, garage doors. Trees and branches were scattered throughout the area, causing streets and yards to be cleared. Out buildings, vehicles, house windows and crops in the country experienced mostly hail damage, though there was some wind damage. In the Milesville area, wind-driven hail caused bruising on livestock.
Final details – Philip Festival Days
by Del Bartels The Philip Chamber of Commerce finalized details first during its Monday, June 11, meeting for this weekend’s Philip Festival Days. Then, the chamber hosted its monthly guest speaker. The celebration begins with a chamber-sponsored burger feed, free to all attendees to the Philip Invitational Matched Bronc Ride. Then, 25 cowboys will compete in round one of the bronc ride to be among the remaining 12 in the second round. Six cowboys will move into the final short round. Saddle bronc scores during the evening have often been in the 70s and 80s. Only two changes have been made to the celebration’s busy itinerary. The carnival games from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday will be replaced with blowup rides. The Haakon County Young Women will provide these free of charge to the young and the young at heart. The team roping planned for Sunday afternoon has been cancelled because the steers are currently quarantined out of state. Doug West has declared a challenge to any and all business people to enter the horse races Saturday afternoon. Extra horses will be available for those entries. Last minute preparations include arena panels being delivered and set up Thursday. Also Thursday, five sets of bleachers will be trucked from Rapid City to Philip for use at the roping arena and later at the Philip Volunteer Fire Department’s demolition derby. Deputy Fire Chief Marty Hansen earlier stated that the derby will host a larger number of cars. The burger feed is free. The street dance after the bronc ride is free. The blowup rides are free. The PVFD’s water fights are free. The weekend celebration is geared for enjoyment by community members and visitors. The chamber is asking for people to volunteer their time, efforts and money. Festival Days
Drought declaration issued
by Nancy Haigh Lack of spring rains have created short pasture grasses, low stock dams, as well as stunted alfalfa and wheat growth, all leading the Haakon County Commission to issue a drought declaration at their June 7 meeting. The board visited with Duke Westerberg, Haakon County Farm Service Agency, regarding the status of drought in the county . Westerberg noted that rainfall amounts for the year are running between 50 and 60 percent of normal. Some areas are less than that, he said. “The grass is already affected,” he said. “ (Producers) are usually haying by now, there’s nothing there.” Westerberg noted that based on FSA rankings the area is in a low ranking at the moment. When asked by the board if they would be jumping the gun by making a declaration now, Westerberg replied, “No.” He added that it would help his office in applying for federal funds. Judy Goldhammer, Wall, spoke with the board regarding their insurance policy for vehicles, buildings, etc. She noted that the frisbee (disc) golf course could be added to the county’s policy. The board approved a motion for the frisbee golf course to be installed. Goldhammer also spoke to the board about a recent incident with the courthouse’s elevator. There has been an issue for years with kids riding up and down in the elevator for fun. A pair of teenagers recently took the elevator and began jumping up and down in it, causing the elevator to jam. Law enforcement personnel helped Nancy Neville, courthouse custodian, release the two individuals who were caught between floors. Repairs for the elevator cost the county $1,500. The board stated that any future vandalism at the courthouse will be reported to the sheriff and charges will be filed. Neville is concerned with liability for injury in the elevator, along with kids playing on the metal rails on the west side of the courthouse and the kids going upstairs to get cups of water from the water fountain. Kids twirl on the handrails outside and could possibly fall and hit the cement. The water issue arises from them bringing their cups of water downstairs, and spilling it, causing a slipping issue. The commission requested signs be posted that those under 18 not be allowed in the elevator unless an adult is with them. Also signs that state the county will not be responsible/liable for accidents or negligence. A water dispenser will be installed on the first floor. Chris Candelaria, permit specialist for the Keystone XL pipeline, met with the commission to have a utility crossing permit signed. He and Haakon County Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville traveled the county roads recently, discussing the crossings, approaches and other haul road matters. Neville noted he was in agreement with the permit. The board approved the permit with each entity keeping an original copy. A mobile home at Robb’s Flat for a highway department employee was discussed again. The board discussed one possible trailer house and its related costs of moving, new siding and windows. No action was taken on the issue. The commission approved a waterline crossing for John Knutson, a resolution regarding funding for street signs in 10 years, and for Neville to attend the summer meeting in Pierre June 13 and 14. Director of Equalization Toni Rhodes asked for a refund and abatements on two properties. A refund and abatement were approved for Patrick Foshiem in regards to a mobile home. An abatement was also approved for Lawrence Stroppel for a mobile home. Items to be surplused were approved for the director of equalization and auditor officers as well as courthouse items. Register of Deeds Traci Radway informed the commission that beginning July 1 a new account for her office will be established. The last legislative session approved for increases in fees charged by her office. The fees have to be placed in a new account which will be used to modernize and preserve records and documents in her office. Sixty percent of the fees stay in county with the rest going to the state. Mike Moses withdrew his raffle request to benefit the Gem Theatre. State’s Attorney Gay Tollefson noted that according to state statutes raffles can only be conducted by nonprofit or charitable organizations. Approved at the meeting was a raffle request from the Philip Horizon’s group and a three-day malt beverage license for the Philip Rodeo Association; both for the Matched Bronc Ride. The board approved T-34’s malt beverage license that has to be renewed annually. Audtior Pat Freeman noted that the county employees voted to proceed with GAP insurance. The policy was started June 1. Sheriff Fred Koester presented his monthly report to the commission. Kone, Inc, submitted recommendations for maintenance of the elevator that are not covered in the current service agreement. No action was taken as the board wants to review the service agreement. The board approved to transfer contingency fund money into the jail account in the amount of $4,000 and the mentally ill fund at $6,000. The board also approved a transfer of $11,277.08 from highway road and bridge reserves and $125,000 in opt out funds. The board approved the meeting minutes from May 1 with a correction and the May warrants. The board entered into executive session for nearly 30 minutes to discuss personnel and legal matters. The board will meet in special session Tuesday, June 19 to begin the yearly budget appropriations. Their next regular meeting will be July 3.
Livestock handling practices
Pat Guptill, Quinn, left, and Dr. Tom Noffsinger, far right, discuss merits of Guptill’s method of moving cattle in high intensity grazing which Guptill uses. The pair fielded many questions from producers while touring Guptill’s pasture during the TriCounty Ag Day, June 8. Photo by Nancy Haigh by Nancy Haigh Tradition – doing what has always been done, but is it the right way? Are new practices a better approach? In many instances, one generation has taught the next generation that working livestock means pushing, yelling and prodding the animals. Veterinarian Dr. Tom Noffsinger’s approach is vastly different with results that are paying off tremendously. Noffsinger said experience through his vet practice and working with feedlots he noticed how feedlots with similar cattle yielded different results. The differences were in efficiency and health; with the weather conditions, implants and health being the same. He said the difference was in the people who handled the cattle. Noffsinger said people can be good for cattle or people can be bad. How people treat the cattle has an impact on the animals. Noffsinger noted that livestock will tell a person what they want through body motions. It is learning that communication that Noffsinger focused on at the Tri-County Ag Day at the South Dakota State University Cottonwood Range and Livestock Research Station west of Philip, June 8. Noffsinger stressed that a person should not get behind the herd and push. “It is easier to pull than push,” he said. He said animals will ask for guidance, some more so than others, until they all learn to trust the person. Noffsinger said as a person walks into a herd one animal or more will focus on the person. He said to use that animal to lead the rest. “If the front animal is stopped, no use pushing from the back.” Noffsinger touched on America’s perception of the cattle industry. “Inappropriate handling episodes occur when handlers don’t understand how to perform the tasks,” he said. “Why do people do these things? Because they haven’t been trained and are doing things they shouldn’t be doing in the first Livestock handling
Market Report
Youth basketball camp 8
Youth golf clinic 9
Railroad work 2
Winter Wheat, 12 Pro ...........................$5.87 Winter Wheat, Any Pro..........................$5.07 Spring Wheat, 14 Pro............................$7.10 Corn .......................................................$5.35 Millet....................................................$14.10 Sunflowers ..........................................$23.50
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Livestock handling
Pat Guptill, Quinn, moves his electric fence so that a group of heifers can change pastures. A tour of Guptill’s operation was part of the Tri-County Ag Day. Guptill moves the heifers every day at about the same time and they were waiting for him and moved easily into the next pasture. Photo by Nancy Haigh tion. Don’t stand still, move slightly so they can see you,” said Noffsinger. Moving slightly, he said, is to move weight back and forth on the feet. “A full step is too much.” Noffsinger noted that if you want an animal to move forward, rub from the point of the shoulders down the back. To move it backwards, start at the rump and rub forward. He said to also watch a momma cow get up her newborn calf. The momma cow will encourage the newborn calf to get up by licking from back to front. Then when the calf is raising up, she licks from the front to back. When the growth of the animal is interrupted, such as at weaning time, it can take weeks for that animal to start performing again. A producer needs to start sensitizing the calf as soon as it is born to do what we want. “It’s all mentality,” he said. Start training them at birth – train them for change of address, first at birth, next is going out to pasture, and finally weaning. Noffsinger spoke of how one producer, prior to branding and weaning, would separate the pairs the first night, reunite them the next morning, separate them again the second night, and then brand or wean the third morning. He noted the calves adjusted to the separation much easier. Local producer Pat Guptill has used Noffsinger’s approach successfully in his operation. The ag day attendees traveled to where Guptill had heifers pastured on a high intensity grazing rotation. With high intensity grazing, the animals are kept in a smaller pasture and moved on a regular schedule. The acreage varies each year on pasture conditions and number of animals. Guptill said the old way required a half day of labor, with humans and animals both being tired at the end. This way, he said, he and one other person can have the animals moved and a new fence up within 30 minutes. The time is shortened considerably if the fence doesn’t have to be moved. Guptill typically moves the cattle
Dr. Tom Noffsinger, left, presented an alternate method of handling livestock which breaks away from the traditional methods. Noffsinger was the featured Photo by Nancy Haigh speaker at the Tri-County Ag Day. continued from 1 place. We’ve got to take care of this.” To correct this, Noffsinger demonstrated some handling aspects on video and using audience members. “If you can’t see the animal’s eye, you are in the wrong place. Cattle die to see you,” he said. Where they can see you best is the front, the worst, is straight behind. “The animal can’t stand to have you behind and will turn to see you,” he said. A producer needs to communicate to the animal’s eye. He stressed that you didn’t want to look the animal in the eye, but look at them to get their attention. Noffsinger said four things come into play in working with animals – the person’s body position, their distance from an animal, the angle and direction the person moves and the speed at which the person moves. Animals generally should be worked at a 45 degree angle, this is so they can see the person with one eye while watching the other side with the opposite eye. “If they watch you with both eyes, they mistrust you,” he said. The deeper the angle, the more pressure. Regulating speed is done with parallel motion. “It may take 10 feet or it may take a half mile,” he said. “Cattle have poor depth percep-
at about the same time of day. The day of the demonstration the cows were waiting quietly in the corner. Guptill had the electric fence open, the cattle moved and the electric fence back up in five to 10 minutes. The cattle moved quietly through the hole and immediately with no urging from Guptill. Noffsinger observed that the cows went right to grazing and were grazing with who they wanted to graze with; without upsetting anything. Guptill noted that it takes about three days to train the cattle, although some take a little longer to trust him. Noffsinger said he learned from Bud Williams, Independence, Kan., one of the first to teach low stress livestock handling techniques. He said Williams learned from watching kelpie and border collies. “What he teaches us is what is deep inside a border collie or kelpie.” He also earns the animal’s trust. Noffsinger suggested producers check out Internet websites www.stockmanship.com (Williams’ website); www.cattlexpressions. com and beefcattleinstitute.org. Videos of Noffsinger’s technique can also be found on You Tube.
Three learn at S.D. Girls State
by Del Bartels The 65th annual South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, a citizenship program for young women, was held Monday through Saturday, May 28-June 2 on the University of South Dakota campus, Vermillion. “The Midland Auxiliary asked me and I said ‘sure,’ ” said Samantha Huston, daughter of Doug and June Huston, Midland. “It sounded interesting to actually be part of a government and see how it runs.” Shelby Schofield, daughter of Bob and Harla Schofield, Philip, said, “I knew that it was a lot of government. My brother, John, had gone and had fun. Also, it would look good for scholarships and things.” Katelyn Enders, daughter of Tammy Williams, Midland, said, “I got asked to go. My grandpa was big in the American Legion and he passed away in April. That got me to go.” “They split us up into cities so you could meet new people and new friends,” said Schofield. “We had citizen forum; while others were running for offices, we wrote bills. Another girl and I wrote an agricultural bill that stated that if 80 percent of your farm land wasn’t usable, then you’d get 80 percent of your taxes off. We realized that any percent would be a help for farmers. It passed the House and Senate.” Schofield’s bill was not signed by the Girls State elected governor, thus was not made into law. Schofield said, “The first day we went over things. The second day we got into counties and made our way in running for higher government and stuff.” Huston said, “I was from Cleveland, the other city was Los Angeles, but together we were Beadle County. Katelyn was Los Angeles.” She continued, “I liked getting to meet my city; we got really close by the end of the week.” Her city consisted of 30 girls.” “I was the defendant in a court case for possession of methamphetamines,” said Enders. “I was supposed to be the judge, but nobody was to be the defendant, so I was.” In this particular mock trial, the defendant was found guilty. “It was good. I liked being in the court system. It was fun.” Huston said, “I was a member of the House of Representatives ... Federalist. We got to listen to all the bills and help pass them or not pass them.” United States Representative Kristi Noem and Senator John Thune addressed the Girls State general assembly. During the week, there were city meetings, party caucuses, election of state officers, swearing in of officers, daily University of South Dakota Reserve Officers' Training Corps physical fitness and group runs, and a Journalism City that reported on the proceedings. “The worst thing was I’m not really into politics,” said Enders. “They take forever. People talk until you are ready to fall asleep. The best thing was you get to make new friends and can keep them for a long time. I’ve talked to a couple of them every day since we left. It’s a good experience to go. You learn lots of stuff, like the court system. There’s a speaker for the Republicans and Democrats, and there’s both sides.” Huston said, “It rained the whole time and was cold. ... boring in the auditorium for too long because of all the speakers. I liked listening to Noem, she was one of the more exciting speakers, easier to listen to.” Huston said, “You get to meet a lot of new friends. If you are a shy person, you have to come out of your comfort zone. It teaches you to be more of a public person.” “They had a police dog there; it was pretty cool. They had lots of little things that kept you pretty busy,” said Schofield. “I’m used to being gone a lot, but this was different because it was so far away. I missed my mom and dad, but I made it through it.” There were law and court procedure classes, bar examinations, and several mock trials. Other activities included law enforcement classes, a tour of the USD law school, forensic investigation, demonstrations of a South Dakota Highway Patrol drug dog, and a college/career fair. “The worst thing was probably when you had to listen to all the bills; some were pretty exciting and some pretty boring, and by then (on the last day) we were all pretty tired and getting ready to go home,” said Schofield. “The best thing was meeting the girls – I had a really awesome roommate – meeting new people, definitely. If you’re interested in government and leadership, it would be a great experience.” Schofield said, “I guess I never really understood how much there was to all the parts of government and what makes everything run in the government.” According to the South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary, deciding the best way to learn was by practicing it, in 1935 American Legionnaires began gathering teenage representatives together for a few days each summer in a citizenship training program on the processes of city, county and state government. They called it Boys State. As the program succeeded and spread throughout the United States, the American Legion Auxiliary began a similar program for girls called Girls State. From an enrollment of 117 in 1947, Girls State has grown to over 480 girls.
Festival Days … final details
continued from 1 Even if a certain activity appears to be well manned, ask if a little help would come in handy. For next year, the chamber is trying to change the name of the celebration to Scotty Philip Days to promote a historical name, personality, brand and logo to the event. The guest speaker for this month’s chamber meeting was Ruben Andrade, the superintendent of the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. He took over the position two years ago, and stated that one of the first things he and his wife visited in the area was the matched bronc ride. The site has grown tremendously and has increasingly drawn or kept visitors in the area. Visitor numbers have grown 40 percent. The site used to be open only five days a week, but now is open seven. Tours used to be by reservation, but now are every half hour. The displays, movies, guided tours and ranger information are all still free to visitors. Under a Service First agreement, the missile site and the National Grasslands Center in Wall are sharing staff and the Wall center. “We are doing programs out of their center; share a staff and share a story,” said Andrade. He said that the site is not just about the missile silo network during the Cold War, but about the development of rural America. Electricity and telephones were make available to landowners “in the middle of nowhere” because of the construction of the missile network. The site will have a new visitor’s center. A 7,300 square foot, $2 mil-
Ruben Andrade, Minuteman Missile National Historic Site superintendent, displaying visitor center plans. lion plus building is finally getting through the Washington, D.C. and national park politics. “That puts a shovel in the ground starting in April,” said Andrade. The building’s blueprints were designed so the building can be added to in the future. The Philip chamber members agreed that expansion would be eventually needed. The next meeting of the Philip Chamber of Commerce will be Monday, July 9, at 7:00 p.m. at the 73– Saloon’s meeting room.
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Take a day off ? ... by Del Bartels
Vice grips crushed tighter and tighter around both of my hands. Only when the nurse laid the freshly dried baby in her arms did my wife release what remained of my hands. After several years of marriage and nine months of apprehension and anticipation, my fatherhood had officially begun. Diaper changes, bottle feedings, midnight pacing because the baby was wide awake, laying awake listening for the faint breathing, changing shirts because the burping was unexpectedly explosive – isn’t fatherhood grand? If man really believes himself to be the politically wiser, why can’t we band together to vote to make breastfeeding a law? If we are more mechanically inclined, why are kiddie seats so hard to figure out? We can tell when the lake water is just the right temperature for smallmouth bass, but the milk bottle is never quite warm or cool enough. Men like to believe we are better drivers, but not at 3:00 a.m. when the baby might go back to sleep because of the motion of the car. When you take off the diaper, fresh air is a trigger for the need to have had the next diaper instantly ready; too late. The baby grows. You’d better be there for the first steps, for the first words, for the first everything. I’d rather take a scrape or bruise tenfold than have my kid take it, but that is not the way of things. Still, if you coddle them too much, it’s your fault. If you don’t pay enough attention, it’s your fault. If you do everything just right, it’s still your fault. Just as you think you are past the hard part, another little one joins the crew and you get to live your earlier mistakes all over again. They grow; and more could possibly grace your future. Taking the training wheels off of the first bike is just asking for trouble, but it’s also asking for the exhilaration of when they peddle on their own still thinking you are holding the bike upright. Lobbing a sponge ball moves up to lobbing a tennis ball, to lobbing a softball, to seeing a baseball being rifled back at you. When did they learn to do that? “A,B,C and 1,2,3” eventually graduates to high school homework that is ridiculously beyond you. An afternoon birthday party is everything, until the first sleep-over, or until the first church or school overnight trip out of town, or their wedding day. They grow. Fathers can be caught lingering over the photo album. Fathers can talk about missing golf, or sleep or even their car; and be caught not really meaning it. Fathers can cry at their kid’s graduation or wedding. Fathers, even after living through kids, can long for grandchildren. Being looked to every day as a father is the hardest thing a man can ever face. It takes all your attention, energy, time and money. It takes your sanity. Then, once a year, on Father’s Day, the kids offer you to take a day off. Take a day off of work maybe; but hey, it’s Sunday. Take a day off from chores; not really a problem. Take a day off from being a father, not over my dead body.
Midwest Cooperative’s railroad sidings going in
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The dirt work is done and the rail laying has begun for the Midwest Cooperative’s new and extended side tracks. Each 39-foot length of railroad rail weighs 1,495 pounds. That is 115 pounds per every yard. Each rail of that length requires 24 wooden ties. Photos by Del Bartels
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HOSTA Training, Winner Nine youth received training in the safe operation of tractors and farm machinery at the HOSTA (Hazardous Occupations Safety Training in Agriculture) program on Friday, June 8, at the SDSU Regional Extension Center in Winner. The youth were working toward a HOSTA certificate, allowing them to legally do farm work for someone other than their parents. With the re-organization of SDSU Extension, Nicolas Uilk, Instructor in the Ag and BioSciences Department at SDSU, is conducting the HOSTA program in South Dakota. The program began at 10:00, with classroom instruction, safety demonstrations, and videos being presented until noon. Lunch was pizza, followed by the written test, and the skills and driving tests. Thanks to Grossenburg Implement for donating the use of a tractor and utility trailer for the program. Look for the dates and locations of the HOSTA programs in 2013. For more information, visit the South Dakota HOSTA website: http://www.sdstate.edu/abe/extension/hosta/index.cfm. Dakota Lakes Research Farm Tour – June 28 The Dakota Lakes Research Farm Tour will be held on Thursday, June 28 (always the last Thursday in June). Plans are to return to the format of the early years after the station was established, starting at 3:00 p.m. (CT), with tours running until about dark. The Dakota Lakes Research Farm is located 17 miles east of Pierre, on SD Hwy 34. Whether you’ve never been to the Dakota Lakes Tour, haven’t been there for a while, or wouldn’t miss it; as Dwayne says on the sta-
by Bob Fanning Field Specialist, Winner Regional Extension Center tion website: “There is always something new to be learned, things that worked and those that that weren't so successful. It is an excellent chance to exchange ideas.” For a map to the farm and a wealth of information, visit the Dakota Lakes Research Farm website: http://www.dakotalakes. com/. Calendar 6/14/2012 – HOSTA Tractor Safety School, 10:00 a.m. (CT), Potter County Implement, Gettysburg 6/18/2012 – SDSU CPT & AgriPro Winter Wheat Variety Plot Tour, 5:30 p.m. (CT), Kennebec 6/21/2012 – SDSU CPT Winter Wheat Variety Plot Tour, 5:30 p.m. (CT), Ideal 6/28/2012 – Dakota Lakes Research Farm Tour, 3:00 p.m. (CT) – dark, 17 miles east of Pierre on Hwy 34
Jackson County Farm Service Agency closing in July
As of July 28, the Jackson County Farm Service Agency office will be officially closed. From this date forward, all FSA program services will be provided by the Haakon County FSA office unless a producer has elected to transfer his/her records to another county. The Haakon County FSA office is located at 409 N. Wray Avenue, Philip, and the phone number is 859-2186. Currently, the Jackson County office has two remaining employees, Colleen Peterson and Stephanie Uhlir. The third person, Brian Stewart, had transferred to Pierre. The FSA has offered an employee buy-out of $20,000 to retire and to retire early if the employee meets the minimum service for retirement. The Philip FSA office has six employees – Duke Westerberg, Don Weller, Kyle Bachand, Tanya McIlravy, June Huston and Tonya Kramer. The office has three private offices, and one main work area where three program technicians work. There is a Farm Loan Program presence in the office. There is room for one more employee, especially considering the Jackson County FSA workload will be transferred to Philip. Westerberg said that there are no plans to either remodel or increase the building size of the Philip office. On May 29, South Dakota FSA received approval from Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to proceed with the implementation of the county office consolidation plan, including four county offices in South Dakota. “Over the past three years, FSA has faced a variety of budget related challenges,” said Bruce Nelson, administrator of the FSA. “Through a targeted office consolidation effort that includes 125 offices nationwide, FSA is striving to balance significant budget cuts, staff reductions and increasing workloads while focusing the efforts of our staff on high quality service. There are 2,119 offices remaining in the FSA network to do just that.” “Although we recognize that change is never easy, we strongly believe that taking this action now is critical to ensuring FSA can continue to serve its customers as it adjusts to budget constraints,” said Nelson. “FSA can only achieve the high level of service expected through consolidation of our human, financial and technical resources." For more information, contact the South Dakota Farm Service Agency office at (605) 352-1160. The South Dakota State Executive Director is Craig Schaunaman.=
Farm Service Agency
Duke Westerberg, County Executive Officer
DEADLINE TO FILE ACREAGE REPORTS JULY 15 July 15, 2012, is the deadline to file your acreage report with the FSA office (July 15 is a Sunday this year so you actually have until the following Monday, July 16). However, we are asking that no one wait until July 16. We would really like you to file your acreage report no later than July 2, 2012, because we have our own deadlines to meet for entering the information into the computer system. So, please complete your maps and return them to the FSA office as early as possible. If you are not able to stop in the FSA office to pick up your maps, we may be able to email them to you; just call us and let us know what your email address is (if we do not already NOTICE TO ELIGIBLE VOTERS ABOUT FSA COMMITTEE ELECTIONS This is the fifth and final article in a continuing series about County FSA Committee elections. This article will explain the deadlines applicable to the County FSA Committee election process. Election Deadlines. Relative to County FSA Committee elections, there are certain deadlines that must be observed. Following are the deadlines applicable to the 2012 County FSA Committee election process. June 15, 2012: Nomination period begins; eligible voters may request nomination forms from the local County FSA Office or obtain online at http://www.fsa.usda.gov/elections. August 1, 2012: Last day to file nomination forms with the local FSA office. November 5, 2012: Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters in the LAA holding the election. For this year’s election, this will be LAA #1 for the Haakon County FSA Committee. December 3, 2012: Last day to return voted ballots to the FSA office in the USDA Service Center. Ballots must be either returned in person or postmarked no later than December 3, 2012. Don’t Miss Out on Voting. Election ballots will be mailed to eligible voters in LAA #2 by November 5, 2012, and must be returned either in person to the County FSA Office by December 3, 2012, or be postmarked no later than December 3, 2012. Eligible voters must contact their local County FSA Office before the final date if they did not receive a ballot.
Friends of Library book sale
The annual book sale held by the Friends of the Library was Tuesday through Thursday, June 5-7, at K-gees. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day, the volunteers sold paperbacks and hard covers that spanned the range from fiction to non-fiction, from romance to horror, from western to spacemen. The sale had paper sacks available for a “$5 a bag of paperbacks” special. The Friends made $436, which will go toward new books or other needed supplies. The Friends will serve a free-will breakfast at the the Bad River Senior Citezen’s Center, Saturday, June 16, during Philip Festival Days. Opening time will be 7:00 a.m. The selections will include breakfast casseroles, sweet rolls, muffins, and other breakfast-type baked dishes.
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Midwest Co-op’s new feed salesman
want to limit anything to 40 hours, because if it needs to get done, we’re going to do it.” Koedam and Midwest Co-op are “offering solutions in the livestock nutrition industry,” said Jay Baxter, Philip site manager. “He’s aggressive and excited.” Koedam was raised on a farm/ranch near Corsica, and is recently from the Faith area. “I love Smalltown, USA. I love the industry,” said Koedam. “I had trucks, had livestock and brokered and hauled hay for 14 years.” He said that buying and selling, or “order/buy” is the more local and current term over brokering. Baxter said, “He’s somewhat local. He’s lived in our trade territory for years. He has a great working knowledge and can have a connection with our livestock producers. Sam’s always had a reputation of good, honest dealings. That’s something we want to continue as we serve our patrons.” Koedam said he is looking forward to meeting everyone in the area, “Stop in and say hi,” he said.
USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender. To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Stop 9410, Washington, DC 20250-9410, or call toll-free at (866) 632-9992 (English) or (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866) 3778642 (English Federal-relay) or (800) 845-6136 (Spanish Federal-relay). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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by Del Bartels Sam Koedam is the new feed sales representative at Cenex Harvest States Midwest Cooperative in Philip. Having started the position June 1, he is “looking forward to meeting the clientele, building relationships and doing business,” said Koedam. The job is “full service; we don’t
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South Dakota Hall of Fame new inductees announced
The South Dakota Hall of Fame announces the 2012 Class for this year’s annual honors event in Chamberlain/Oacoma September 7 and 8. This year’s class consists of 10 individuals who have contributed to the growth and development of South Dakota in one or more of five categories of induction which include professional, arts and entertainment, historical, sports and general. The two-day event will be held at the South Dakota Hall of Fame on Friday and Cedar Shore Resort on Saturday to celebrate the lives of this year’s inductees. Honorees this year are professional – Larry Ness, Yankton, Mary Olinger, Sioux Falls, Dr. Richard Gowen, Rapid City, Stephen Myers, Sioux Falls, Mary Lynn Myers, Sioux Falls Gene Lebrun, Rapid City and professional/general – Carveth (Carv) Thompson, Faith; general – James Abourezk, Sioux Falls, Brigadier General Myrna Williamson, Springfield, Va.; and sports – Don Meyer, Aberdeen. Established in 1974, the South Dakota Hall of Fame is centrally located in Chamberlain, where it serves as a showcase for the people of South Dakota. It was specifically founded to recognize and honor pioneers and outstanding leaders from all walks of life who have contributed to the development and heritage of South Dakota. The South Dakota Hall of Fame is the only resource in the state dedicated exclusively to the preservation and extension of our people’s heritage. Over 600 South Dakotans have been selected for recognition by the Hall of Fame. For more information on the South Dakota Hall of Fame call 605-234-4216 or visit them at www.sdhalloffame.com
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Hit & Miss
Elderly Meals Thursday, June 14: Spaghetti Bolognese, Italian Veggies, Garlic Bread, Pineapple Cream Gelatin. Friday, June 15: Tuscan Chicken, Duchess Potatoes, Caribbean Veggies, Biscuit, Strawberries Romanoff. Monday, June 18: Cheesy Meatloaf, Baby Bakers, Green Beans, Roll, Spiced Apples. Tuesday, June 19: VooDoo Ribs, Twice Baked Potatoes, Cream Cheese Corn, Roll Peachy Gelatin. Wednesday, June 20: Family Potluck – Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. *** Friday, June 1, after morning exercises, we had goofy golf. Those playing were Fred, Jim, Eleanor, Irene McKnight, Eileen, Lois, Floy, Inez, and Vivian. Irene McK. won the first round and for the second round, Fred, Jeannie and Vivian tied. Thanks, Shawn and Sandy. At the afternoon card session, Irene Cox and Marcella Kraft played whist with Ina Oerlline and Vivian Hansen. When M.R. Hansen came for scrabble, Addie Rorvig sat in. M.R. scored over 300. Our new Somerset Court resident, Marilyn Butts, went to the mall to walk with her friends. Saturday, June 2, Susan was here at Somerset Court to help with activities. We had exercises in the morning and then cards before lunch and after lunch too. I saw a bunch playing whist. Agnes and I played a game of scrabble. At our table at Somerset Court, tablemates are Irene McKnight, Myrna Pokorny and Marilyn Butts. M.R. Hansen joined us for lunch. He asked the ladies what type of farm tractor they pre-
by Vivian Hansen • grhansen@gwtc.net or betty@pioneer-review.com
singing. Thank you, Terry, Steve, and Jack. M.R. Hansen came for scrabble Sunday and again today, Monday. We made the extra 50 points for using all seven letters in one turn. Mig made ominous. We each had scores of over 300. Inez and I walked around the outside of the Somerset Court building. I visited at her apartment and admired her lovely quilt. I visited Lois Bard at her apartment and admired her view our over the Somerset courtyard. Her husband was an officer in the United States Army in the Korean Conflict. Lois was from Pennsylvania. And our new resident, Marilyn Butts has friends who take her out the mall to walk most mornings. June 3, Eileen Tenold was honored with a birthday party at her son, Lester’s, and wife Carla’s house in Rapid City. Her son, Curtis, was also there from Hulett, Wyo., There were about 26 people there, 12 were little kids. Thank you to Gloria French, Philip, who sent me a real letter! Her bike was broke down, she said, so she had time to write. She pulls weeds at the Lasting Legacy Monument at the top of main street and also waters the flowers at the Catholic church. She said to tell Somerset Court resident, Flossie Albright, “Hello.” I believe that they spent time in Huron together. She included a couple pages of the Pierre Capital Journal about my son, David K. Hansen’s, patented post puller and pounder, with some great photos. His invention attaches to the front of a Bobcat. Thank you to Julie Nixon, who lives on a ranch northwest of Philip, who sent me a letter today. Julie sent a clipping about Charlie Allen, who used to batch and work for most everybody around Grindstone about 1956. He could run a threshing machine, rope, brand, carpenter, make hay or do whatever was needed. He cooked, patched, ironed and made his own bread. If one could look into the archives of the Pioneer Review a in the Grindstone News, his name would come up. (The Pioneer Review used to let me come in and read back issues of their newspaper, and I spent a lot of time there. Thanks.) Tuesday at Somerset Court, we
Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Thank you to Wayne Hansen who came over and brought me three little fishes, all fresh caught and fried to perfection. One perch, my favorite, one crappie, and one rock bass. Wayne said he usually did not keep rock bass, but it was so good, he said he would keep them from now on. He came to offer to take me to the Rapid City quilter’s guild quilt show which opened June 7. That was very kind of him. But since I had already signed up to go on the Somerset bus to see the Outdoor Campus with a stop at an ice cream shop, I declined to go to the quilt show. Thank you, Wayne and thank you Gwynn. Thursday, June 7, a Somerset Court activity was a bus trip to the Outdoor Campus over off Sturgis Road. There is a big new group of buildings and beautifully landscaped acreage where the Department of Game, Fish and Parks conducts classes on a variety of skills from tying fishing lures to building boats. The guides conduct tours through the buildings so guests can see the beautiful taxidermy specimens of South Dakota animals and birds and displays of habitat such as a beaver hut with an underwater entrance. The walkways are wheelchair and walker accessible. There is a good sized aquarium with native fishes. We had a fine time. Those on the trip were Shawn, Sandy, Jeremy, Jamie, Warren, Joyce, Blanche, Anne, Fred, Flossie, Dwight, Ray K., Lucille, Charlie and Vivian. Fr. Dahms went in his own car. Blizzard of 1949 March 17. Ad in Philip Pioneer Review: Strayed to my place – one hog. Owner may have same by proving ownership and paying for this ad. Virgil Hansen (Well, I don’t know about that hog, but one time a hog came to our place and Virgil called up the “dairy boys” about two miles north of Philip and Virgil, Moses and Thompson butchered and shared it.) March 24. Twenty-two year old Georgia Jipp of Philip was featured on the cover of the Red Cross Magazine. It had an article about Georgia flying 150 mercy missions during the blizzards of 1949, in January and February. She landed and took off between snowdrifts, often in sub-zero temperatures. She had six years of flying experience and was a qualified pilot instructor.
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ferred? Marilyn had lived on a farm near Armour, Myrna near Yankton, and Irene near Onida. Myrna thought she remembered that a Farmall did good work. Marilyn liked John Deere, while Irene favored Caterpillars. So we had a pretty good time. Joyce and Warren Astleford were at the next table, and we all rode up in the elevator together after lunch. Warren and Joyce declined to declare their favorite tractor. M.R, and I had a game of scrabble with me drawing two blanks and M.R. engineering the word necrotic, I was able to get the 50 extra points for using all of my letters. Thanks, M.R. (Necrotic is dying, as in necrotic tissue.) Another word we needed was jeu, a game. Also spelled jeux. In the mail, I received two bills and two cards from candidates seeking office. Friday evening, Irene McKnight was out to supper with her daughter, Bev and Gloria. You remember Gloria Crumet, who used to live at Somerset Court, now lives with her sister, Bev. Lois Bard and I walked a lap Saturday afternoon. Charlie and Joanne Hathaway are having a visit from relatives from Connecticut. My son and daughter-in-law, Wayne and Gwynn Hansen, came to Somerset Court for lunch. Wayne had been fishing at Sheridan Lake. Gwynn has been rearranging her storeroom. She will be helping with the Quilter’s Guild quilt show next week. She helps hang quilts and then does some appraising. We had church services with Terry Pulse and Steve. Jack Humke played the piano for hymn
had bingo with Sandy calling numbers. Winners were Don Stesgaard, Alma Gruenig, Addie Rorvig, Maxine Kilmer, twice, Irene Cox, Floy Olson, Blanche Harmon, twice, Irene Arbach, Flossie Albright and Vivian Hansen. For snack and chat, we had a tasty treat, diced mixed fruit with yogurt and whipped cream. Tuesday, I received nice notes from Patty Denke, Darlene Baye, Marlin Evans and Gloria Hansen. Thank you all. I hope to write proper answers. Somerset Court resident Fred Smith was from Forest City, by the Missouri River, which is covered now by Lake Oahe. Somerset Court resident Blanche Harmon was from Watertown. Somerset Court resident Mary Klaudt was from Wisconsin and Helen and Irving Amundson were from Bath, New York, near New York City. Wednesday, Shawn and Sandy took the bus to a flower nursery to buy flowers for the Somerset Court courtyard. Fred and Vivian went along. I bought a cranberry red geranium. Some the flowers we will see in the Somerset Court courtyard are petunias, marigolds, bicopia (which are small white trailing flowers), pansies and many others. In the afternoon, several residents came down to help plant the little peat-potted flowers into big urns. Besides Shawn and Sandy, I saw Mary Carrier, Flossie Albright and Jim Holmes planting flowers. There may have been others. It was good fun. Thank you to all who helped. Shawn and Sandy’s work caring for the many pots of flowers all summer, helps to make the courtyard beautiful. Thank you, Shawn and Sandy. When I was a kid in the Grindstone country, our first stop when we ever came to Rapid City was Glendinning’s Greenhouse. Ma loved the atmosphere, the warm, moist air reminded her of Washington state where she spent her early girlhood. Our window sills were always full of plants. Thank you to Mike and Marcia West, Philip, who sent me a copy of the Pierre Capital Journal article by Lance Nixon about David K. Hansen’s invention. It is a pneumatic post puller and pounder. M.R. Hansen came for scrabble on Wednesday and our new word is oleum, a corrosive liquid. Olea is the plural of oleum.
June 15-16-17-18: What To Expect When You’re Expecting
Fri: 8:00 p.m. Sun: 1:30 p.m. Sat: 8:00 p.m. Mon: 7:00 p.m.
FELLOW CLASSMATES Class of 1962 50 Years 2012
The Philip High School Class of 1962 will be having a class gettogether during Philip’s Festival Days
Bert Humbert met the mailman at Hawkeys and took the mail for the east patrons, planning to drop it to them. Bert had his private pilots license so he could take passengers. (Did I tell you about Bert? He had skis on his plane and one time one ski wouldn’t go down. He had to reach out with a spade and pry it into position.) April 5. Temperatures reached 75 degrees, the warmest it had been since fall. 4-7. G.D. Hendrickson bought the Philip Hatchery and Produce. He will continue as superintendent of Philip schools. 45. Dad Sims, who spent the winter in Rapid City, is back in Philip and has started planting his usual big garden. Philip Pioneer Review ad: Strayed from my place in January storm, 28 head of sheep, some earmarked. Will gladly pay for feed and care. George Mannahan, Cottonwood (Mannahans lived about four miles northeast of Palmers.) Mrs. Michael Rausch died at her daughter, Anna Tubbs’, near Custer, April 8, 1949. April 21. Grindstone News: Wells at Dean’s and Reynick’s caved in with spring snow melts. Snow has also bent levers and smashed reels on machinery. (After effects of the blizzards of 1949.) Cecil and Dean Hansen spent Tuesday at the Carstensen home. April 28. Amel Carstensen knocked the horn of a cow that was horning her calf. The cow didn’t bleed. Hansen’s dam-building outfit worked at Sorenson’s Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, moved to Kenzy’s, the old O.J. Gee place. May 5. Philip: Wind wrecks walls of new sales pavilion, flat to the ground. Insurance will help with rebuilding. (I wonder if that was the livestock sale barn?) May 12. Philip city blocks will be blacktopped. Rol Kebach, special agent for the attorney general’s office will make his headquarters in Philip. Pinky Anderson was badly burned while filling the B&M coffee urn. Frank Hauk’s prairie dog town is all gone. Did they smother under the long-time snow cover? May 19, Gleanings Gathered At Random, (Philip Pioneer Review news from north of Ottumwa, by Marie (Mrs. Bud Hansen). Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hansen were Philip shoppers and called on W.C. O’Neills on their way to town and on their return trip. May 26. Talk of R.E.A. lines in Haakon County. Thirty or 40 farmers and ranchers met to discuss and learn from Earl J. Smith the steps necessary to secure the R.E.A. lines. May 28. 91˚ and May 30, 92˚. June 2, Philip sale barn opens and 800 cattle and 200 hogs for the first sale.
Gem Theatre
859-2000 • Philip
JUNE 15-16-17, 2012
Hope to see many there! Matched Bronc Ride: June 15th • 7 p.m. Parade: June 16th: 10:00 a.m. Come and be on our float! Plans for a social hour following the parade – in the making Open house at the 73– (south bar), 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 16th Food will be ordered from the menu! Mary Lou (McKay) Fellows will be playing the trumpet! We wish to include all our fellow classmates and/or alumni of Philip who would enjoy seeing all those who can make it to help make this a special day! Janet, Mary Lou, Joey, Judy, Chryl, Gary, Marshall, Lu & all who have helped to try & get us together … see you soon!
June 22-23-24-25: Men in Black 3 (PG-13) June 29-30-31-July 1: Madagascar 3 (PG)
LuAnn (Knutson) & Jim Baker
Friends of the couple may send cards to them at:
6017 36th Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98126
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Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
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Sylvia (Knutson) Schultz__________________________
Pauline “Punky” Mae, and Bob Ross. They made their home in Philip. In 1937, her husband Bill was killed in an airplane accident. Sylvia continued to live in Philip, and raise her two children, as well as work with the WPA in the courthouse making men’s shirts. She also cooked at the Winchester Hotel. In 1943, she started working for the Farm Loan Association, measuring maps and aerial photos. Later that year, she was offered a position in Pierre. Sylvia and the kids moved to Pierre where they lived on the top floor of the Locke Hotel. While in Pierre, she met a service man named Matthew Nolz, and were married in 1947. Sylvia worked for the superintendent of schools and later worked in the office of the hotel. They then moved to Ohio for a short time after her children were out of high school. They moved back to Pierre where they managed both the Locke and St. Charles hotels. Her husband Matt died on January 31, 1965. After Matt’s death, Sylvia moved to California for five years before returning to Pierre. She took a job at the city auditor’s office as a bookkeeper and office manager at State Publishing Company. It was there that she met Philip Schultz. They were later married on November 8, 1980. They made their home in Pierre, and Sylvia continued to work for the publishing company. In March of 1983, Philip died of cancer. Sylvia continued to live in Pierre, and in 1986, retired from the publishing company. In 2004, she moved to Brookings to be closer to her daughter, Pauline and her family, where she has since resided. Sylvia was most thankful for her relatives and friends. Throughout her life, she learned patience and how to survive during the tough times. She will be missed by all that knew her. Grateful for having shared her life include her son, Bob Mostert and his wife, Patty, of Vienna, Va.; a daughter, Pauline Earley and Dennis I. Johnson of Brookings; eight grandchildren; 14 greatgrandchildren; one great-greatgranddaughter; one sister, Lillian Perry of Seattle, Wash.; several nieces and nephews; and a host of other relatives and friends. Sylvia was preceded in death by her first husband, William Mostert; her second husband, Matthew Nolz; her third husband, Philip Schultz; her parents, Anton and Olga M. (Tungland) Knutson; a son-in-law, Loren Earley; a granddaughter, Julie Mostert; a grandson, Kyle Earley; two brothers, Luther and Ted Knutson; and two sisters Helen Culbreath and Alice Carr. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the services. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, June 14, at the First Lutheran Church in Philip, with Pastor Frezil Westerlund officiating. Interment will be at the Masonic Cemetery in Philip. A memorial has been established. Arrangements are with the Rush Funeral Home of Philip. Her online guestbook is available at www.rushfuneralhome.com
Alex “Bod” Livermont____________________________
Alex "Bod" Livermont was born March 26, 1946, in Pine Ridge, the son of Oliver and Emma M. (Wiedman) Livermont. He was raised on the ranch southeast of Kadoka on the Alec Livermont Ranch. He attended school in Kadoka. After his schooling, Bob worked at various places around Kadoka, including Burns Bros. Truck Stop for several years. Bod was a very reserved and shy man, but once he knew you, he had a wonderful sense of humor. He enjoyed rock hunting, fishing, house painting, and exploring with his metal detector. Bod also enjoyed family dinners in Kadoka. Survivors include two brothers, LeRoy “Boots” Livermont of Kadoka and Michael Livermont and Amelia of Belvidere; five sisters, Charleen Grass of Norris, Sharon Bowes and her husband, Delmar, of Rapid City, Linda “Wink” Stoddard and her husband, Joe, of Norris, Mary Gropper and her husband, Dick, of Long Valley, and Janie Whidby of Rapid City; several nieces and nephews; and a host of other relatives and friends. Bod was preceded in death by his parents; a brother-in-law, Wayne Whidby; and a niece, Lori Stoddard. Memorial services will be held 2:00 p.m. Saturday, June 16, at the Presbyterian Church in Kadoka, with Pastor Gus Craven officiating. Interment will be at the Kadoka Cemetery. A memorial has been established. Arrangements are with the Rush Funeral Chapel of Kadoka. His online guestbook is available at www.rushfuneralhome.com
Alex “Bod” Livermont, age 66 of Kadoka, S.D., died Tuesday, June 5, 2012, at his home in Kadoka.
Sylvia (Knutson) Schultz, age 99, of Brookings, S.D., formerly of Philip and Pierre, died Saturday, June 9, 2012, at the Brookview Manor in Brookings. Sylvia Gladys Knutson was born December 22, 1912, in rural Haakon County, the daughter of Anton and Olga M. (Tungland) Knutson. She grew up in Haakon County and received her education in that area. She attended Alfalfa Valley Rural School in the seventh and eighth grade, which her father donated the land for the school. She then attended Philip High School where she sang in the Glee Club, and participated in basketball and softball. She worked for Noble Garage and Cafe in Nowlin for a short time after high school. It was then that she met William Ross “Bill” Mostert, an accordion player, at a square dance. They were later married in 1933 in Philip, and to this union were born two children,
Harold Michels_________________________________
Upon graduation from the technical school, he went to work for the Lake Electric Shop in Medicine Lake, Mont. Harold married Joanna Sue Davis on May 26, 1956, in Casper, Wyo., and to this union were born two children, Jeff Allen and Teri Jo. In 1958, Harold went to work for Larsen Hardware and Implement Corp. in Medicine Lake. After working there for many years, he bought Norman Larsen out. Harold and Sue operated this hardware store and the John Deere agency until the late 1970s. After leaving the hardware and implement business, Harold started H. Michels Construction. His main work was to build oil well locations, and clean up and restoration work after the oil well had been drilled. Harold also had taken over the operation of his father’s farm. In 1988, Harold and Sue bought their first piece of land north of Wall. In 1993, they bought a doublewide for the farm, and moved to South Dakota. Harold and Sue went back and forth between Montana and South Dakota for about 10 years, farming both places until 1998, when they sold the farm in Montana. In 1993, Harold went to work for the State of South Dakota, as a snowplow operator on Interstate 90, retiring in 1998. Harold was a member of the local Moose Lodge, the city council, and a member of the County Planning Board, all of Medicine Lake, Mont. Harold was also a volunteer fireman in Medicine Lake. Survivors include his wife, Sue Michels of Wall; a son, Jeff Michels and his wife, Carol, of Medicine Lake, Mont.; a daughter, Teri Jo Hove and her husband, Steve, of Homestead, Mont.; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a host of other relatives and friends. Harold was preceded in death by his parents, Vernon and Hazel (Wilson) Michels; one brother, Frank Michels; and one sister, Lois Andrus. Memorial services and burial will take place at a later date in Medicine Lake, Mont. Arrangements were with the Rush Funeral Chapel of Wall. His online guestbook is available at www.rushfuneralhome.com
Grindstone News
by Mary Eide • 859-2188
Storms have been the talk of the week. We have had over two inches of rain. Some north of us have had a lot more than that. Anyway, we are thankful for all the moisture, but we could do without the wind and hail. We have had some hail here but not too much damage. Others were not so lucky. This last storm that came Saturday night was a bad one. My weather station sounded an alarm and then my phone rang with Marvin calling to tell me that there was a storm forecast to be coming soon. He told me he would be down and put my pickup in, but not before he called Fitches to tell them to head for the basement and not to do anything else, as there would not be time. After he put my pickup away and got back home, I went and looked out of my north window at the most angry cloud that I had seen in many years. It was just back of the barn heading northeast. I am sure it was a funnel cloud, but it looked like it was up close to the Grindstone Hall. I decided that it would miss here, but knew there was trouble for someone north and east of here. It did cause damage to Dwight Slovek’s house front. It tipped over some trucks north of Philip, one belonging to C.K. Dale. It blew some roofs off and really hailed. Milesville had total disaster in that area. The hail at Fitches ruined the siding on their house, damage to their shop building that was not finished yet and the only vehicle not damaged was the one some of the family had in town. The big tree in the Fire Hall Park in Philip was split in half and part of it laid on the ground. That was a big tree! Sure glad that no one was sitting in a car under for protection from the hail. Many trees on my way to Philip had wind damage, with lots of branches ripped off. I was in for the Schnabel wedding reception and dance and didn’t like the looks of the clouds, so I came home early. They say we will have lots of this kind of weather until the weather pattern changes, which is not soon. I will report some more on storm damage when I get to talk to neighbors. For those who are away from here, I will report on the recent community play that was put on in Philip over this past weekend. We have some very talented local people who performed. Maureen Palecek, Barb Bowen and Debbie Smith were the actresses in the musical called “The Honky Tonk Angels.” The rest of the play consisted of a band of Marilyn Millage at the keyboard, Mike Seager, bass guitar, Chuck Carstensen, lead guitar and Glenn Parsons, lead rhythm guitar. The backup vocalist was Crystal (Thorson) Martinez. And there were many other local talent on lights, sound, sets, props and costumes. It takes many people who donate their time and talent as well as the actors to put on a show. Excellence, excellence is what you would say about the Philip Drama Club’s performance in this weekend’s play. Everyone did a superb job. It was especially good for me, as I like country music. Talent, yes we are so fortunate to enjoy all the talent we have in the small town of Philip. They reported that there was a big crowd for every performance, but Sunday there was a sellout. I saw many from Midland, Kadoka, Wall, Rapid City, Brookings and a also a few from the Lead/ Deadwood area. Hats off to all who helped in any way to put on this superb performance. Whoever said there was nothing to do in Philip! There is so much to go to, I for one, can’t get it all in. Marvin and Vicki Eide and Kiley and Taegan Sieler, who are here from Gillette for two weeks, drove up to Fitches this Sunday to see the hail damage. I went to the play in Philip Sunday and got to see a lot of people there including Marcy Morrison and her mom, Marie Radway, Janet Lurz and her dad, Rich Smith, and Tucker, Jess and little Logan Smith. Aaron and Chancie Baenen were down from Lead, as well as Warren and Shirley Sweezy from Rapid City. Earlier, I talked to Jean Radway and she told me that her son, Mark and Judith Radway had the same experience with the storm as Fitches did. They don’t live too far apart up by Milesville. Several of our neighbors attended the reception and dance for Augi and Grace (Schnabel) Bohall at the legion hall in Philip Saturday night. A very nice supper was served. After everyone was finished with the meal two wedding cakes were served, one chocolate and one a red German chocolate, both were delicious. I went home early and didn’t stay for the dance. It was nice to see JoAnn Thorson there with her escort, son Rick. Some neighbors from out this way that I saw were Bob Thorson and Jodi, the Tucker Smiths and Logan, Loren and Rose Kiel, Kieth and Deb Smith, John and Arnis Knutson, Bill, Jayne and Chana Gottsleben, Dwight and Marie Slovek, Bill and Penny Slovek, Bev McDaniel, Myrna Gottsleben, Herb and Hazel Sieler and Marvin and Phyllis Coleman. Instead of a gem, or even a flower, cast a gift of a lovely thought into the heart of a friend. George Mac Donald
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Harold Michels, age 77, of Wall, S.D., died Saturday, June 9, 2012, at the Hans P. Peterson Memorial Hospital in Philip. Harold L. Michels was born December 19, 1934, in Plentywood, Mont., the son of Vernon and Hazel (Wilson) Michels. He attended the Sheridan County Schools and graduated from Medicine Lake High School in 1955. After graduation, he enrolled in the Park’s Radio and Television School in Denver, Colo.
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Sunday, June 17th
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day, so will get some information from them at a later date. It was a full house at that birthday party. Our relatives alone can fill a place and when you add friends it becomes a big, big party. People had so much fun visiting with folks they haven’t seen for some time. It’s just nice to get together on a happy occasion. A classmate of Ida’s, Dorothy (Knost) Stahl, was at the birthday party. Family members from all eight of Ida’s siblings were there. Ida and Dorothy graduated from Midland High School in 1940. Three of Ted’s classmates were there, Joy (Saucerman) Jones, Jerry and I and we graduated from Midland High School in 1960. Don Sandal, Pierre, was at the birthday party and shared with Ida about being born at the Lutheran parsonage when Ida was staying there while going to high school. Rev. O.H. Olson was pastor of the Lutheran church at the time and he and his family lived at that parsonage. A person forgets that a part of that parsonage was used to deliver babies. When Ida and her siblings went to country school, they would often ride horseback. In pictures of them, there would be four to five on a horse. I remember mom telling that every once in a while someone would fall off and they would have to get them back on the horse. Seeing the pictures of those young maidens in their bathing suits is priceless. What bathing beauties! They don’t make bathing suits like that anymore. They shared a lot of good times together. And keeping up with tradition, some of Ida’s kids made a Norwegian tradition of klub for the family to enjoy while home. Ida used to make klub every now and then and I can remember what a treat it was to eat some of that klub. Happy birthday wishes to Ida and to Ted. What a fun celebration. I have a lot of memories with the Hunt family and all the rest. We used to have Christmas at John and Esther Schanzenbach’s each year. And John was always Santa Claus. He made a good one, too. And then families began to grow and there wasn’t room for everyone to get together at one place. So the country relatives went to Roy and Clara Roseth’s for Christmas Eve and the town relatives were at the home of Lyle and Ida Hunt. Over Christmas vacation, mom, Phil and I would spend a few days at Danny and Till Mulcahy’s. I remember one particular time when it snowed and mom was teaching at the Kuhl School. Lyle and Danny were concerned about us getting back to the school, so Lyle drove mom’s car and Danny took his. As we headed north, the roads really weren’t that
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Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 6
Wasn’t that rain wonderful? You can water and water your lawn or garden but it takes a good rain to give it that greener and richer look and to make things grow. We had an inch here in town and an inch at the DeYoung place and last night we got 60 hundredths. There were weather warnings out for last night with tornado warnings in some places and hail and 70 mile per hour winds. Talked with Ivan Schanzenbach this Sunday morning to see how he faired Ida and Ted’s birthday party Saturday. He said he had some hail last night. Big enough that it chipped some of the paint on his house. Hail is never a good thing. Midland was bursting at the seams Saturday, June 9, 2012. There were birthday parties and a wedding with folks coming from many different directions and places. Former Midland News reporter, Ida Hunt, had a busy day Saturday. Ida’s family had a 90th birthday party for her and a 70th for her son and their brother, Ted Hunt, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Midland. Ida and her late husband, Lyle, had 18 children. Fred Hunt passed away a number of years ago and the other 17 children all made it home for the birthday party. I am hoping to have an update from some of the family of where everyone lives. They are still celebrating as a family today, Sun-
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bad so mom had Lyle pull over on Hwy. 63 and so Danny followed suit. Mom told them the roads seemed to be fine and hating to have them go all the way to the Kuhl School she convinced them we would be okay. They were reluctant, but mom assured them we would be fine. And we were until we turned off at the Kirley road, we hit a big snow bank and we were stuck. I know it seems a bit odd we didn’t notice how deep the snow was before driving in it, but when it is all white it is hard to tell. Had to crawl out a window because we couldn’t get the doors open. We took what groceries we could and started off walking. Didn’t have cell phones in those days. Fact is we didn’t have a phone period. Sometimes the snow would hold us up and other times we sank through the snow. It was about four miles to the Kuhl School. I would have been around nine or 10 and Phil not quit two years younger. We were getting cold and tired and were sure we were going to die. Mom kept encouraging us and kept telling us it wasn’t that much further. We finally made it to the school, cold, tired and relieved to finally be there. Mom didn’t tell us until some time later that she was worried we wouldn’t make it. There are other memories of those years mom taught at those country schools. Can’t help but think God became a bit weary with watching over us during those years. Most all of the late Mike and Emma Root family were at the birthday party. Sylvia (Root) Huber, Rapid City, Dan and Dorothy Root and Cliff and Marisa Root, all of Riverton, Wyo. Their daughter, Megan (Root) Muth, Sheridan, Wyo., was also there. Cliff and Marisa are in the process of having a new home built in Sheridan, giving them a chance to be close to Megan and family. Darwin and Betty (Root) Haerer, Wall, were there, as was Sam Root of Midland. It all worked out well as the Root family planned on attending the 40th anniversary of the Rapid City flood held at the civic center in Rapid City that evening. Their brother, Glen Root, was one of the 238 who died on that tragic day. So they were able to be at the birthday party and make it to the ceremony. Besides the ones mentioned above others at the ceremony were Darwin and Betty’s daughter, Mindy Haerer, and Sylvia’s kids, Troy, Denise and Billy Huber.
Hunts celebrate birthdays
A birthday party was held Saturday, June 9, in honor of Ida Hunt’s 90th birthday and her son, Ted’s 70th birthday. Ida and the late Lyle Hunt had 18 children; their son, Fred, passed away a number of years ago. All 17 of the surviving children made it home for the party. From left to right: Back row: Barry, Gordon, Keith, Jeff, Ron, Jerry, Roy and Penny; middle row: Jan, Peg, Christine, Lisa, Michelle, Teresa and Shari; front row: Terry, Ida and Ted. Courtesy photo so he could be in Verona, Wis., to see his niece, Emily Nierman, graduate from the eighth grade from St. Maria Gorretti School. Triston and Taylor stayed until Memorial Day. Linda and Brandan came up that weekend bringing Lisa and Matt Foley with them. On Saturday, the group went up to Bill Bruces to celebrate the marriage of Vince and Katie Bruce. Sunday after church, Edna and Roger Dale and family stopped for homemade Jones family pizza. Father Kevin Achbach and Philip O'Connor also joined the family for pizza. All left Sunday afternoon for their homes. Sunday afternoon, Gene and Audrey Jones traveled to Black Hawk to Gene's niece, Glenda and Willie Schambers to celebrate the graduation of Joshua Knutson from Central High School. Josh is the son of Glenda and grandson of the late Nelda and Dale Cleveland, Gene's sister. Guests at the home of Ernie and Laurel Nemec were Mr. and Mrs. Jerry King, Fort Worth, Texas, and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ekker, Green River, Utah. They arrived last Saturday and the Ekkers arrived Sunday. Sunday evening, Ernie and Laurel had an outdoor barbeque. Other guests were Sally and Don Ehlers, John Nemec, and Judy Fosheim, who along with Ernie are second cousins to Nancy King and Carol Ekker. Others attending were Randy and Holly Nemec, Tyler and Angel Nemec, Tukker and Emry, and Rob, Becky, and Josiah Thompson, Sioux Falls. Monday, Ernie and Laurel, Jerry and Nancy King, and Jesse and Carol Ekker toured the Black Hills and attended the lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore. Both couples left for Minnesota Wednesday morning to visit other relatives. Tina (Fosheim) Haug flew to Rapid City April 19 where Kayla Anderson, Tayah, Ryker and little Westyn met her at the airport. Tina spent the next nine days visiting at the Anderson home in Murdo and got acquainted with her new grandson, Westyn, who was born April 30. Tim Anderson and Terri Fjellheim drove to Murdo Sunday and were dinner guests and celebrated their May birthdays. Jackie Fosheim had made them a cake. Jackie had Pete and Sylvia Fosheim, Carol Fosheim, Ryan, Kayla and family, Tim Anderson and Tina over for a wonderful roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings Thursday. Tuesday of the following week, Ryan, Kayla and children took Tina back to Rapid City. They stopped by Philip so they could see Pauline Schofield, Ida Hunt, Roy Roseth, and Elaine Koehler at the nursing home. They also had a chance to visit with June Fedderson, Julie Mclaughin, Michelle Meinzer and Jan Tolton who work at the nursing home. After some business in Rapid City, they had lunch and then met Judy and George Gerig, Sturgis. Tina went to Sturgis to spend the remainder of her visit with her sister, Judy and George. While in Sturgis, she got to visit with Corey Hise and his three daughters, Taylor, Ali, and Bailey. Judy, George, and Tina drove to Terri Fjelheim's place during her stay and visited with Terri and Jaylene. Terri gave them a tour of her property. She has about four acres in the Custer area which is very beautiful. They have a large garden and plenty of wildlife. Tina's flight was delayed by three hours on the return trip to Denver due to severe thunderstorms in Denver. Jackie and Carol are contemplating a road trip to Denver in the fall to take advantage of the peach season and see some sights. Tina reports she had an absolutely wonderful time. May 30th, Steve Reiman, Patrick and Becca, Bismarck, N.D., came home to the Reiman ranch having a chance to visit Steve’s mom, Karel Reiman, and his brother, Mark Reiman. Also having a chance to visit with Leonard Reiman and his son, Jim, who came from Eau Clair, Wis., and Leonard’s son, Dale, Iowa City, Iowa. They came for a weekend of fishing and visiting. Tuesday, June 5, Karel and her grandkids, Patrick and Becca, headed for Mitchell to the home of Karel’s daughter, Anne and Maynard Moege. Patrick and Becca attended Vacation Bible School at rural Dimock Lutheran Church. Karel helped with Bible school and Anne was in charge of the music. One day they went to the nursing home where the kids sang for the residents and Sunday they sang at Dimock Lutheran Church. Friday, Karel’s daughter, Kathy and Darron Nelson, Minnetonka, Minn., came to the Moege home, as did Steve and Mark. It was a busy week but a good week as everyone was together for a time of visiting and fun.
Look who’s turning 50!
Tell Holly Nemec Happy Birthday on June 15th!!
Loves from all of us, Randy Katey, Brian & kids Tyler, Angel & kids Chelsee, Tyler & kids
Congratulations to Dustin Vollmer and Caroline Schofield who were married at the Midland City Park Saturday, June 9. After graduation weekend, Rich Jones, Cochran Ga., spent a few extra days visiting at his parents, Gene and Audrey Jones. Triston and Taylor Giltner, Meriden, Kan., spent the next week at their grandparents also. While there, Gene and Audrey appreciated their help with work. Rich left that Thursday
Have a Happy Day!!
Bobette Schofield will celebrate her 65th Birthday June 22, 2012. Her family is requesting a Birthday Card Party in her honor.
Birthday greetings can be sent to: 19915 Quinn Rd. Milesville, SD 57553
St. William Altar Society met at the home of Julie Daly last Wednesday evening with Pat Snook as co-hostess. Election of officers was held. Pat Snook reported the birthday celebration of Ida Hunt and Ted Hunt was a wonderful occasion to meet up with friends you don't see often. She was pleased to visit with Midland High School 1962 classmates, Ruby (Dinsmore) Engelhaupt, St. Paul, and Dan Root, Riverton. Audrey (Nemec) Jones, Midland, was there and was a classmate, also. Randy and Holly Nemec enjoyed a mini Doyle family reunion at Oahe Downstream campground over the weekend. They got in on the hail storm and sustained some
It’s A Girl!
Ava Jo
Daughter of Wes & Carrie Mentele Howard, SD
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Morris & Barbara Jones, Midland, SD
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Theresa Degen, Sioux Falls, SD
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Milesville News
by Janice Parsons 544-3315
Jim and Lana Elshere have a new grandson born to J.J. and Lindsay Elshere. Trailon Lane was born June 7 in Rapid City. He joins four brothers, Talon, Thayne, Trik and Tel. Congratulations to Paul and Joy Elshere, great-grandparents, Jim and Lana and J.J. and Lindsay! Congratulations also, to Trevor and Christa Fitch on the birth of their sixth son. Aven Urban was born June 11 weighing 9 lbs. 7 oz. His older brothers are Brayden, Keagan, Colby, Jensen and Raylor. The late Ed and Frances Fitch are his great-grandparents and Burjes and Cheryl Fitch are grandparents. Congratulations to all! There is more family to name, but I'll let great-grandma, Mary Eide, do that! Weather is the other big news around the country this week. Strong storms hit a big area on Saturday night, causing a lot of damage due to hail and wind. Damage was done to wheat fields and other crops. Many I've talked to had windows broken out of their houses and vehicles. The weather station at Paul Staben’s received a total of 1.95” from Thursday through Saturday. Damages and rain amounts varied a lot from those I've visited with. Rains were plentiful right in Milesville, getting over an inch on both last Thursday and last Saturday evenings. There was a bit of pea size hail Thursday, but the damage was done Saturday night when it hailed twice, the first time for over 30 minutes. Some were golf ball size and larger with a good amount of wind and lightning. The Catholic church had several storm windows broken and big holes in some of the eave troughs on the west side of the building. At Donnie and Bobette Schofields the hail was piled up several inches on their deck. Jim and Linda Stangle lost a garage window and some sections of their windbreak. Sonny Stangle lost his kitchen window and his pickup windshield. The Deuchars, Mark Radways, and Gebeses were also among those with extensive losses as were Mark and Chad Hanrahans. I couldn't get them on the phone – they were probably out cleaning up. The Milesville Rangers 4-H Club is sponsoring a card party at the Milesville Hall on June 23 at 7:00 p.m. In conjunction with June Dairy Month pie and ice-cream will be served. Everyone is invited. Memorial Day weekend, Donna Quinn and Tim and Lori Quinn and boys drove to Aurora, Colo., for the high school graduation of Pat Quinn's son, Chris. Many Milesville residents attended the play "Honky Tonk Angels" over the weekend, presented by the Philip Drama Club. It was exceptionally well done and very entertaining. Theresa Deuchar met her friend, Marcy (Seymour) Schmidt, Murdo, in Philip Sunday and they attended the play together. Barb Howe left for her home in Texas Tuesday, after visiting with her parents, the Leo Pattons. Glen and Jackie Radway had a busy weekend. Saturday they were in Wall for the wedding and reception for Tyler Swift and Ashton Schulz. That evening, they attended the reception and dance in Philip for Grace and Augie Bohall. (Grace is the daughter of Doug and Nancy Thorson.) Sunday, they met Carey Radway in Pierre to exchange vehicles and to see the newly purchased home of Glen and Jackie's. They enjoyed supper with daughter, Leah and Darin Ries and Deacon and Darin's parents, Dennis and Lois Ries. Glen and Jackie's home is on five acres north of Pierre. It is ironic that when they got there Sunday there had
Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
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Thurs., June 21st
One of the nearly 100-year-old cottonwood trees in Philip’s Fire Hall Park did not fare well during the storm. been hail damage to their yard and they have only owned it a week! Tom and Marie Radway, Philip, Bryan and Sharon Olivier, Earl and Jodi Parsons, Rachel and Sarah, Theresa Deuchar and Bart and I all attended the reception and dance for Grace and Augi Saturday night. Dan Piroutek spent Saturday with his nieces, Danielle and Anna Piroutek. The three of them attended a horse sale in Newcastle, Wyo. Sam and Ben Stangle were in Brookings from Monday through Friday for a Teen Leadership Camp. Jim Stangle spent Thursday and Friday in Pierre for a veterinary conference. Donnie and Marcia Eymer attended the high school rodeo in Dupree Saturday. Sunday, Zane and Beth Jeffries were there for the rodeo. Both families had grandaughters competing, Brittany Eymer and Caitlyn Dowling. Judy Gebes Armstrong and daughter Connie Wuerfl and her children, Sarah, Mike and Michael, all from Illinois, arrived in the area Wednesday evening. Friday several family members and friends gathered at the Leo Patton ranch where they spread Judy's late husband's ashes. Bob loved to hunt and fish at the Pattons with Gary Stephenson so they thought it was fitting. Present were Judy, Leo and Joan, George and Kay Ainslie, Jerry and Roseanne Johnson, Mike and Linda Gebes and two grandsons, Cormac and Alex, Mike Gebes, Tommy Holt, Gene and Theresa Deuchar, Arlene Ingersall, Cassie Armstrong, Marlene and Ashley Scheessle and boys, Domonic and Corbin, Jim, Linda and Mark Stangle, and Connie, Sarah, Mike and Michael Wuerfl. Later, they had supper and fellowship at Leo and Joan's. Connie and her children stayed with the Pattons while in South Dakota. Thursday while riding, Connie had an accident with her horse and she spent the night in the Philip hospital. Leo and Joan Patton joined others for supper at George and Kay Ainslie's Saturday night. Visiting the Pattons on Sunday were Judy and Cassie Armstrong and Gary Stephenson. Connie and children rode back to Philip with them and they all left for home Monday morning. Jim and Tim Elshere and Mark Hanrahan attended the matched bronc ride in Belle Fourche Friday night. Pat Hanrahan spent the weekend in the Black Hills for a girls getaway at Camp Judson, which was sponsored by the American Baptist Women. Her sister, Dianne Frame, Pierre, was also among those attending. Chad and Kathy Hanrahan were in Mitchell Saturday for the wedding of Kathy's cousin. Guests for dinner Thursday at Donnie and Bobette Schofield's were Michael and Janice Schofield, Philip, and their daughters, Amy, Wall, and Deniece, Iowa. The three grandchildren had a great time seeing all the animals on the farm. Bruce and Lynn Dunker and family of Wall spent Sunday at Donnie and Bobette's. Cory Smith and fiancée, Debra, stopped by for a short visit. Ronnie and Misty Anderson, Miles City, Mont., came to Jim and Lana Elshere's on Saturday. Their daughter, Grace, went home with them after spending two weeks with grandpa and grandma. Jim and Lana Elshere and Ronny, Misty and Grace Anderson were in Rapid City Sunday for an Arthur family reunion at Canyon Lake Park. J.J. and Lindsay Elshere's boys came home with the Elshere's to spend a few days. Phil and Karen Carley, Abby Carley and Wace, Andrea Carley, Randy Clark and their daughter, Millie, all enjoyed a weekend of camping at Deerfield in the Black Hills. Randen and Londen Wishard, Lantry, spent Saturday night and Sunday with Grandpa Larry and Grandma Linda Smith. Their parents, Joe and Larissa, were at a wedding. Jeannine Anderson, Rapid City, visited at Joan Hamill's over the weekend. The ladies visited with Arlene (Stephenson) Ingersall, Seattle, Wash., and with Irene Fortune while in Philip. When they arrived back to Joan's place out here in the country they found that Jeannine's car had hail damage from Saturday's storm. Carson Hamill, and Brice and Taylor Hanson attended the Dog Camp, a basketball camp, held in Philip Monday and Wednesday. Brice came home with Carson for a couple of days and they spent a lot of time on Plum Creek fishing for the gigantic catfish they snagged early on the first day! Ryan VanTassel came to the Hamills Saturday and Sunday. He and Nick caught several nice bass while fishing. Nick and Ryan left Monday morning for Kimball, for a football camp. Friday overnight guests at Tom and Marie Radways in Philip were Colin and Ruth Burns, Casper, Wyo. They were in Philip to visit Colin's mother, Virginia Burns. Also spending Friday night were Alex and Jeni Radway and daughter, Adley, Pierre. They were on their way to Rapid City to look for housing when they move later this summer. Grandsons, Luther and Spencer Morrison, Rapid City, also visited with Gramdpa Tom and Grandma Marie for a few days. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads!
Chickens are coming! This is your last !! ear chance for this y
in the morning by the Philip Legion Hall … then in the afternoon at Tony Harty’s residence in Kadoka
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Ramona Buchholz 859-2386 or Tony Harty 837-2982 or 441-6922 (cell)
Show your Town Patriotism! Sign up to participate in the Philip Festival Days Parade! Saturday, June 16 at 10 a.m. * * * Call 859-2516 to sign up!
Tylissa Fitch & Brock Geffre
will be married June 16, 2012, at a small ceremony in Lead, SD. They invite you to join them for their wedding dance at The Lodge at Deadwood at 8:00 p.m. in Deadwood, SD
Area Sports
Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 8
Annual youth basketball camp held in Philip
A young girls’ and boys’ annual basketball camp for second through fifth graders was held Monday and Wednesday, June 4 and 6, at the high school gym in Philip. The camp was run by Terry Holman and Amber Rush, with the help of several assistant coaches. “As usual, we had a great group of kids eager to learn more about basketball and improve on the skills they already have. They worked hard on their basic fundamentals of the game with coaches emphasizing teamwork, good sportsmanship and most of all, having fun. Hopefully, keeping it fun for them as they are learning the game will keep them wanting to pick up a basketball and continue to play as they get older,” said Rush. The older group is shown above. Back row, from left: Josie Rush, Bryce Hanson, Carson Hamill, Kari Kanable, Kiarra Moses, Taylor Seager and Samantha Deutscher. Second row: Eryka Johnson, Joey Carley, Keldon Fitzgerald, Samuel Swansen, Grace Pekron, Bobbi Kammerer and Mallory Vetter. Front: Jaida Haynes, Kelton Quinn, Spencer Ross, Taylor Hanson, Dilyn Terkildsen and Alyssa Walker.
The younger group and the coaches are show above. Back row, from left: coach Terry Holman, assistant coaches Tayta West, Raeann Synder, Katie Hostutler, Tristen Rush, Nelson Holman and Hanna Hostutler, coach Amber Rush and helper Kaitlyn Fosheim. Third row: Colby Fosheim, Keelee Griffin, Copper Lurz, Ethan Burnett, Brin Heltzel, Ethan Ferguson, Cappie West and assistant coach Jaisa Synder. Second row: Hannah Thorson, Taylor Ross, Danessa Heltzel, Kaia Griffin, Reese Henrie, Addie Johnson and helper Annabelle McIlravy. Front: Rehgan Larson, Searra Deutscher, Tearra Merrill, Gage Ravellette, Wyatt Schriever, McKenna McIlravy and Karlie Coyle. Not pictured: Jesse Fillingim, Cass Finn, Nate Law, Casey Schriever, Andrew Law, Jessamy Schwarz and assistant coach Jenna Finn. Photos by Del Bartels
Philip Motor Golf Tournament held
The annual Philip Motor Golf Tournament was held at the Lake Waggoner Golf Course, Saturday, June 3. Fourteen teams of couples were divided into two flights – a gross flight and a net flight. The top honors in the gross flight was earned by the team of Garrett and Sara Rembold, Rapid City, who shot a 71. Second place went to Colt and Jenny Terkildsen, Philip, who shot a 75. Claiming third place were Steve and Deb Reed, Murdo, who finished the day with a 79. The next flight was topped by the team of Dean and Janice Fitzgerald, Philip, who totaled a 58. Collee and Penny Nash, Rapid City, shot a 60 to claim second place. Don and Randi Oyan, Kadoka, finished with a 61 for third place. Upcoming tournaments include the Spud Gittings Memorial Golf Tournament, Sunday, June 17, and the Member/Guest Golf Tournament, Saturday, July 7.
Final Regional Rodeo results
The Fort Pierre Regional High School Rodeo was held Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3, at the Fort Pierre rodeo arena. Barrel Racing Hanna Hostutler, Midland, First Go – 4th, 16.694; Average – 8th, 34.049 Katie Hostutler, Midland, First Go – 7th, 16.837. Breakaway Roping Brooke Nelson, Philip, First Go – 5th, 5.72; Second Go – 6th, 5.44; Average – 2nd, 11.16. K. Hostutler; First Go – 8th, 6.87. H. Hostutler, First Go – 9th, 7.13: Second Go – 3rd, 4.67; Average – 3rd, 11.8. Goat Tying H. Hostutler, First Go – 9th, 9.58; Second Go – 10th, 10.130; Average – 10th, 22.02. Team Roping Thomas Doolittle, Midland and Austin O’Dea, Philip, First Go – 7th, 23.74. Brody Jones, Midland, and Bill Chauncey, Mission, Second Go – 6th, 18.58; Average – 10th, 118.58 H. Hostutler and Nelson, Second Go – 3rd, 10.23; Average – 5th, 110.23. Breakaway Roping H. Hostutler, First Go – 3rd, 4.67. Nelson, First Go – 6th, 5.44 Tie Down Roping Doolittle, Second Go – 10th, 19.27; Average – 8th, 38.4 Pole Bending Nelson, Average – 6th, 48.342 Steer Wrestling Wyatt Schaack, Wall, Second Go – 5th, 17.28; Average – 10th, 117.28 Boys Cutting Jones, First Go – 8th, 61; Average – 10th, 61.
Brooke Nelson, rodeo queen
Sacred Heart Church • Philip
Sunday, June 24th
American Legion Hall • Philip Bidding starts at 1 p.m. Food & refreshments served!! Call 859-2443 or 515-3610 to consign your items …we will pick them up! ITEMS CONSIGNED: •Furniture •Tools/Garage Items •Silver Coins •Sporting Equipment •Propane Furnace
Stop in & see Colt today!!
2007 Chevrolet 2500 HD
Local trade, under 36K miles!
Philip Motor, Inc.
Philip, SD
859-2585 (800) 859-5557
Youth & Community
“REHPS is a program to keep medical professions in rural areas. Some rural areas are underserved,” said Livingston. “My time here isn’t just about the medical field; its about the community as a whole.” Livingston already has a bachelors degree in pharmaceutical science and minors in chemistry and biology. In two years she should have a doctorate in pharmacy from SDSU. Entering the medical field was an easy choice for Livingston. “I had health problems myself and into the doctor’s office a lot, and I have a brother and sister both in the medical field,” she said. “I shadowed every floor at the hospital in Yankton, and pharmacy stuck out for me.” She added, “The REHPS director, Kassy, came to our school and informed us about what the program was, and I knew I wanted to end up in a rural community some day. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me.” Jennifer Henrie, marketing and human resources director for PHSI, said, “There was a great deal of interest in the REHPS program. There were 12 slots this year and they had 31 applicants.” “I didn’t really pick a certain area. I was going to go anywhere,” said Livingston, who is enjoying her start in Philip. “Everybody has been so nice and is willing to make
Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 9
Pharmacy student, Philip Clinic in REHPS program
you feel comfortable.” Henrie said, “You can have a successful career, you can pay back your student loans ... without having to go to a large community. This program is a little bit different than past medical training at PHSI. It’s more of a general overview of rural health. Tandis and Kim will spend more time with all aspects in the medical field and all aspects of the industry and community.” “I want a family some day, and I want them in a small community some day – a place where they will be safe and have opportunities,” said Livingston. Youmans stated, “Students are more likely to return to facilities and communities where they have had rich, positive experiences early in their training. The REHPS program is designed to allow communities and students to make this happen.” The REHPS program will have Livingston and Hoffman talking with younger people at the swimming pool in the afternoon of June 18 about the importance of sun screen. On June 19, they will be at Zeeb’s Pharmacy to receive outdated and no longer needed pharmaceuticals in a drug-take-back safety program. Other projects are being planned in order to make connections with the community. Citywide rummage sales, garage sales, yard sales, flea markets and lemonade stands dotted the town of Philip, Saturday morning, June 9, during a citywide event. Bartering was not needed because 50 percent off was a common signage, but a friendly bartering was part of the package. Shown above are kids and adults enjoying the sun while finding treasures at the fire hall. Seen left is Shelia Trask modeling one of her purchases.
Golf clinic for youth
Kassy Youmans and the state director of the REHPS program, Kassy Youmans, spoke at an informational public meeting June 5. Philip Health Services is participating in a program that brings medical students to small South Dakota communities for four weeks as a sneak-peek of living and working in a rural area. Youmans discussed the recruitment and the economic impact of health professionals in rural communities. Livingston and Hoffman helped answer questions and shared their impressions of Philip.
Kimberly Livingston by Del Bartels South Dakota State University pharmacy student Kimberly Livingston began her four weeks on the Rural Experiences for Health Professions program in Philip, June 4. She joined Tandis Hoffman, who is a University of South Dakota physicians assistant student fulfilling a medical training rotation at Philip Health Services, Inc. They,
A kids golf clinic has started at the Lake Waggoner Golf Course north of Philip. Third through sixth graders will take lessons from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday during June. During the same time, but on Wednesdays only, kindergarten through second graders will have their lessons. Under Dak Carley’s supervision, Tristen Rush and Colt Terkildsen are helping coach the youngsters. Above is the older group of young golfers warming up on putting practice. Below is the younger group getting direct instruction from Carley.
College Briefs
University of South Dakota, Vervillion, students have been honored for their academic success during the 2012 spring semester. USD students achieving dean’s list honors this spring total 1,518 students, while 399 part-time students have been cited with academic recognition honors. Students earn dean’s list distinction by achieving a grade point average of at least 3.5 while maintaining a course load of 12 or more credit hours with no incomplete or failing grades. Students receiving academic honors for the 2012 spring semester are include: Chris Coyle, Philip. Jeffrey C. O’Connell, Philip, son of Roger and Teresa O’Connell. *** Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown, has announced its current president’s list. This is a list of outstanding students who, through their initiative and ability, have indicated a seriousness of purpose in their educational program. The president’s list is limited to fulltime students who have achieved a semester GPA of 3.5 to 4.0. On that list is Stephanie Rossouw, Philip, who has earned a 4.0 GPA in her major of financial services.
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Office: (605) 433-5411 Toll-free: (888) 433-8750
Crew Agency, Ltd.
Crop Insurance Specialists Since 1984
Crew Agency is an equal opportunity provider.
21290 S.D. Hwy. 240 Philip, SD 57567
Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 10
Demolition Derby
Saturday, June 16th • 7 p.m.
damage to their camper and pickup. They brought Tukker home with them as he had spent the weekend with his dad. Katey (Nemec) Ortlieb brought her daughter, Morgan, to Midland Sunday so she can attend the volleyball camp in Philip. Karen and Eldon Helmer came from Tuscon, Ariz., Sunday and are spending a few days visiting her brother, Jim and Jessie Root. Jake and Kristi (Parquet) Heidrich, Whitewood, are proud parents of a baby girl. Little Remington Louise was born June 7, 2012, and weighed 7 lbs. and 4 oz. and was 21 inches long. Tom and Mary Parquet have been up there to see their new grandchild. Remington joins a step-sister, Willow. Tom had a trap shoot in Rapid City so Mary dropped him off and went on to Whitewood having a chance to see that new grandbaby again. They are precious to be sure. Congratulations to everyone. The following is information on Alice (Donovan) Venner. Sunday, May 27, 2012, at 6:00 p.m., Larry Venner took his wife Alice to the emergency room at St. Mary's Hospital in Pierre. She had been having upset stomach issues for about two months, and it had escalated to sharp pains by Sunday evening. Initially the gall bladder was blamed, but by Monday afternoon they ruled that out. After several days and a multitude of tests it's been determined she has a tumor in her pancreas and an abscess in her liver. Further tests will determine prognosis. Please pray for strength for her entire family, and healing and peace for Alice. I received a call from Alice’s daughter, Kathy, concerning her mom. The Donovan family lived in the Midland area for a number of years and many of their kids attended school at Midland and graduated from Midland High School. Alice is one of those people with an infectious laugh and you find yourself pulled into laughing right along with her. Alice and I used to go walking together. She was tough to keep up with. We’ve enjoyed some good visits and lots and lots of laughs. Alice and her family are going through a difficult time right now concerning Alice’s health issues. A report from the Donovan family reunion last weekend. “What a wonderful weekend our family en-
East of Midwest Co-op (E. Cherry Street in Philip)
Midland News
joyed for the 2012 Donovan reunion. The Log Heaven Resort on the northeast shore above the Oahe Dam hosted 60 plus members over a three-day weekend. The weather was perfect for our fishermen who enjoyed a day of bountiful fishing. Many fishing tales will be told for years. Thanks, Jim and Pat for your boats and expert guiding. Captain Steve and first mate Dick provided hours of screaming good fun of tubing and boat rides aboard an amazing party barge deck boat near the face of the dam. God blessed us with allowing Alice to enjoy all the activities. We have an amazing family and always enjoy our times together. Aside from the late night hail storm that took out about 12 car windows, it was a made to order weekend. We thank God for this and our many, many blessings.” Sounds like it was a great time in spite of the hail damage. I also ask that you continue to keep Stetson Jones and his family in your prayers. Things are not going as well as they hoped concerning the cancer issues with Stetson’s eye. Jeff and Jen are handling it well, their faith is strong and they are up-front with Stetson over everything that is going on. Sunday, June 24, folks will have the opportunity to visit a few of the beautiful yards and gardens in the Midland area. The tour will start with a delicious luncheon at the Open Bible Fellowship Hall at 1:00 p.m. After lunch, you may tour at your own pace, following a map which directs you to the host gardeners for this year’s event. It was a nice evening last Friday night at the Midland Market. There were several vendors, baked goods, including homemade pie, sold out in a hurry. There was also homemade bread, cookies, jelly rolls and several kinds of jelly made from local fruits. Yum. It was good to have a few plants including tomatoes, rhubarb and morning glories. It is late for planting, but some customers who had been hailed out were looking for replacements. Garden produce is just starting. Radishes, lettuce, rhubarb and asparagus were available. Children's clothing and home decor items, jewelry items, farm fresh eggs and books also. Several people dropped in to browse and stayed to visit. Midland Baseball Schedule T-Ball and C-ball - June 13 – Game @ Midland vs. Philip, T-ball at 5:30 and C-ball at 6:45 June 18 – Game @ Kadoka, Tball at 5:30 and C-ball at 6:45 June 21 – Game @ Midland vs. Murdo, 5:00 MT, T-ball game only June 25 – Game @ Midland vs. Kadoka, T-ball at 5:30 and C-ball at 6:45 June 27 – Game @ Philip, T-ball at 5:30 and C-ball at 6:45 Jenna Finn reports the kids are doing well and it is fun to see them learn. Reminder: Summer library hours at the Midland Community Library are from 9-12 Wednesday and Thursday. Jeanna Finn is in charge of the summer reading program for the library this year. They had their first one June 6 with 15 kids attending. It is held at Trinity Lutheran Church education room beginning at 9:30 to 11:00. Before going home they to go the library, giving kids a chance to check out books and DVDs. The reminder of the sessions will be on June 13-2027 and the theme is “Bee A Reader.” As I close out my new’s column for this week I am reminded of a
This trampoline’s windblown trip down Walden Avenue was stopped by a pine tree. Courtesy photo
Philip Volleyball Camp
for 2nd thru 4th grades (2012-13 school year)
June 18 & 19 • 9 to 11 a.m.
in the Philip High School Gym $10/player May register the day of camp. To register or for more info, contact Kim Bouman • 859-2973
certain fellow who was totally confused in last week’s Pioneer Review. He had turned to the page that normally has the Midland News and began to read what was on that particular page. He wondered when Tony Harty had moved to Midland. As he read further he realized it was not the Midland News and saw the clip at the top telling there would be no Midland News due to illness and Jerry being in the hospital. It was quite a weekend of June 2. I wound up having to take Jerry to the emergency room at the Philip hospital. After having a number of things done and given three bags of fluids, he was much better so we left for home. At 3:15 Sunday morning, I had to call for an ambulance and we headed back to Philip. We are still waiting on some blood work, but he is doing a whole lot better and was able to come home Tuesday. Our daughter, Charlene, and I had been in Mitchell on the prior Wednesday, Thursday and Friday helping Christopher and Stephanie move from their rented house to a home they are buying in Mitchell. Saturday, Christopher, Stephanie and Laura and Charlene headed for Belle Fourche to the home of Jim and Carmen Nemec. I had planned on going but Jerry wasn’t feeling up to par, so I stayed home. Good thing I did, as he could not have gotten to the phone to call someone for help. Christopher ran the marathon at the Mickelson Trail Sunday. Charlene, Jim, Carmen and Stephanie cheered him on. Little Laura May had her first experience with a marathon from her car seat. Charlene said when they got back to Jim and Carmen’s and Carmen took her out of her car seat she stretched and stretched. Charlene thought she probably had restless leg syndrome. Later Sunday, they dropped Charlene off at our place and headed home to Mitchell. Charlene has begun her summer travels and is now in Coasta Rica. So her summer journey begins. Have a good day and a great week.
Betwixt Places News
by Marsha Sumpter • 837-2048 • bilmar@gwtc.net
Well, here it is about Father's Day, and it is a day to celebrate and appreciate that dad in your life. There will be all the outdoor cooking, dad watching his favorite TV show and just a good day fishing, hunting, visiting and the like. I just read about how to cook that corn on the cob in case you run out of room on the grill, (probably all the cowboys and cowgirls already knew this) but it's called “cooler corn”. Just rinse out a cooler really well, husk the corn and put in the bottom and add a couple of pots of boiling water, close the lid and in approximately an hour your corn is done to perfection and it stays good for longer. Saturday, June 2, Ralph and Cathy Fiedler took Highway 79 to Newell, then east out of Newell on Highway 212 over to Faith. Neither had ever been that way before and wanted to see some different country. Their son-in-law, Eric Hanson, worked on the new school in Faith and they also wanted to see it. Besides, it had been a long time since they had been to Faith. The country is very dry that way. They came back to Howes and home to Sturgis. In the last two weeks in the Sturgis area they had total of an inch of rain which doesn't last long because the wind blows every day. Monday, Bill was busy working around the shop. Sauntee Coller was here trying to locate a water leak to our hydrants, He found the line west of the shop, but no leak there. Tony Harty visited with Shirley Hair after he was at the post office Monday. That evening, he visited with his niece, Kathy Brown, and Dale Koehn. Tuesday, Sauntee Coller was back looking for more water lines somewhere under and around the phone line and several electric lines, he explored where the water main shut off and still didn't find the leak. I went to Philip with the Haakon County Prairie Transportation van about noon and when I got home, we had found water. It looked like it was coming out from under the new addition by the garage. We found the leak area anyway! Luckily all it took to stop the water was to turn off the valve. Tuesday, Tony Harty had coffee out. While he was getting the mail, he observed the reconstruction on the roofs that were damaged a couple of weeks ago, then visited
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2000 Dodge Durango
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Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 11
This semi-truck was blown over at the weigh station turnoff just north of Philip. The driver had pulled over for a little shuteye and was in the truck when it was blown over. He was not injured. Photos by Del Bartels The once fabric-covered South Dakota Department of Transportation storage building northeast of Philip.
Betwixt Places News
by Marsha Sumpter • 837-2048 • bilmar@gwtc.net
(continued from page 10) Shirley Hair. His riding mower was not working right, so he drove it over to Dale O'Connell's shop to have it revamped, didn't get the job completed so had work for another day because the heat drove them out. Did you read where New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to wage war on soft drinks, or any sugary drink larger than 16 ounces? Obesity, like poverty, climate change and other societal issues, is something that everyone agrees is a bad thing, however, you cannot legislate common sense. It was way back in the 1960s when tobacco companies were made to print on the cigarettes the dangers of smoking, taxes were increased on cigarettes, it was illegal to purchase them if you were under 18, yet we still see young people smoking up a storm. Just because there isn't a new war to direct attention to, the United States is creating their own war on eating now. Tuesday evening, Ralph and Cathy Fiedler watched Elsie Hanson's softball game in Sturgis. Her team won the game. Wednesday, Tony Harty was again at Dale O'Connell's shop switching parts around to find out what was ailing his mower. Dale was busy on other machines. After Tony got his machine working, he mowed a little around for Dale to be sure things were going to keep working. Tony picked up Dale Koehn to help him get his van home while he drove the mower. When he got home, he mowed at Kathy's and his yards. He's enjoying the bigger cutting area. Wednesday, Phyllis Word came by for a visit at our house. Bill was in Philip for cards in the afternoon and Chaciel Koscielski stopped for a little break on her way home to Rapid City from Sioux Falls with a new van that she and Eric had arranged to get. It will sure be nice for a family vehicle. Jessica Gittings and Greg Womack went to Iowa Thursday to get Daniel and returned home early Friday morning. Thursday, Cathy Fiedler had an appointment with the foot doctor in Spearfish, then she and Ralph went to the Klumb home for a visit, did some shopping, then met Sherry Hanson and the kids so they could see Elsie and wish her happy 11th birthday. It was a “honey do” day for Bill Thursday when I discovered water in the basement area while I was busy doing some signs and caps. It seems upon investigation, the pipe off the sink was totally rotted away and the elbow was plugged. I didn't remember running water there, but finally realized I'd dumped the dehumidifier tank two or three times and didn't watch if it drained, it didn't, just ran under the sink and into the next bedroom! Uggh, I'm getting tired of stray water! Speaking of water, about 4:00 p.m. I suggested to Bill it would be a good time to make a cap delivery to Tanya McIlravy in Philip and I would pull some rye from the wheat field at the little farm, so off we went to Philip. Cancel pulling rye, it was raining in Philip and looking pretty darned dark and nasty out. We turned toward home and ran into a little hail before we got home, but went right into the garage and watched it pour. We got an inch of rain. Tony Harty did his usual Thursday, coffee with the folks in town, went to the post office and visited Shirley Hair. He had been to the truck stop later in the day, but got caught in his car when the wind and rain arrived, so he waited it out. Then he drove around town to see if there had been any damage. Don and Vi Moody had quite a busy week working with yards, branding, and all those wonderful ranch activities that keep you as active as a physical fitness workout and you don't have to pay a high priced fee for the privilege. They had their fencing crew pretty busy all week long again and Kathy Brown and Dale Koehn from Kadoka pitched in with branding Friday. Haying is also getting started. Friday, Tony Harty visited Kathy Brown in the morning. since she was off work. In the afternoon, he visited L.D. and Shirley Hair when they got home from Rapid City. The Pearl Hotel is getting spiffied up for the alumni weekend coming along June 22-24. I was on hand to help the gals work at clearing away clutter and get to the wood floors in a lot of the rooms. Ken and Lynn Hartman stopped on their way back home to Chattanooga, Tenn., and we enjoyed a roll and coffee before they hit the road. Ken delivered some repairs to Bill for our motorhome, so it was back to work for Bill to put a rear seal in. I had a run with the HCPT van to the clinic here in Kakoka in the afternoon. Tony Harty stopped by to catch up on reading the papers. George Gittings helped Henry Hanson brand Saturday. Saturday, Don and Vi Moody went to Philip, shopped and Don brought his windrower home. That's fun when you're driving down the highway with around 18 feet of cutter bar in front of you, but there was fortunately very little traffic. Haying is just barely getting started in the area and Saturday night the electricity was off for awhile, but a strong storm in parts of the area brought lots of wind and hail. The new fence at Don and Vi's place in Rapid Valley was whipped apart in two eight foot sections and Blake Thompson is going to check that out and get it fixed back up. Nothing much except wind and a few drops at the Moody's Saturday night. Saturday, it took Bill and me a long trip to find a garbage disposal. Our old one quit quite sometime ago and and it was a pain, but I got along without it. But, since we were fixing things, that was something we could do. The only thing is, I was sure I needed the opening to be the one big enough to get your hand down in there so you can retrieve those nuisance things that get there once in awhile, you know, the twist tie that slipped in the dish water, the tip off the caulking tube, just little things. Well, to my dismay, our hardware store here had a small opening! They figured it was to keep kids from getting into it. Well, you'd have to hire a kid to stick their hand in there to clean it out and then probably be charged with child endangerment. So, I called Philip, yep, they had a one-half horsepower garbage disposal, so off we went, only to discover it was the same brand they had here, When I explained to Jerry Ingram why I needed the bigger opening, he agreed, said he'd just had to get something out of theirs for Pam. Next, after a phone call, it was off to Midland. Finally we arrived home with the right sized opening. While getting gas, after our long trip, we ran into Phil and Joann Stark, Cottonwood. I see Joann is opening her second hand shop again. I borrowed a mink coat to use in a play many years ago from her and bought a dress to shred, we had a laugh over that, but she said she had just the dress for me, so gotta stop there one of these days. Bill and I went back to Philip (each in our own vehicle) to join a good group of folks to help Duane Bessette celebrate his 20th birthday. Actually, it was 20 years ago he had a heart transplant, so he has two birthdays to think about. Their idea of potluck was to bring your own chair. Judy (Gebes) Arstrong and her daughter, Cassie, Ill., were among the many friends and family there. Bill went to the card room and I went to pick that rye out of the wheat at the little farm, it was about 93˚. I stopped to visit Helen Pfeifer and got refreshed with ice water before I attended the “Honky Tonk Angels” musical comedy at the Fine Arts Building. I had a front row seat and really enjoyed the enthusiasm from the cast and band. The band was wonderful and the gals outstanding, with numerous costume changes as well as scene changes. The sound system was as good as at the grand old opry. On the way home the sky was alive with lightning trying to find it's way out of the clouds. And before I got home, Kadoka was plunged into darkness. Bill had started the generator and I could get the car parked in the garage – third time in a month we've fired that generator up. We had wind but no rain, while to the north of Philip, wind, hail and rain did damage. Tony Harty said they not only had the lightning display Mother nature provided Saturday night, but also had their own electrical show when some wires got tangled up in the back yard and were really arcing and sparking until West Central Electric got them straightened out. Sunday evening, the Don Klumb and the Eric Hanson families were in Sturgis at Ralph and Cathy Fiedler's for a pizza and chicken birthday supper for Elsie. After supper, Elsie opened her gifts and then everyone enjoy Oreo cookie ice cream cake which is everyone's favorite. Other big news of the week was that Caitlin Klumb did her testing of the driving part for drivers education, she passed. So in July she can officially get her license, another teenager with her driver's license. Wow, time flies. A full crew was on hand to help George Gittings brand Sunday. Peggy Hook helped fix the dinner. Sunday, Don and Vi decided to take a drive south of Kadoka to have a little look around that area and decided to take a left turn on Highway 44 east and headed on up to White River. It was a beautiful day, so they drove on toward Valentine, Neb.. It had been a long time since they were in that area, so made a nice little Sunday afternoon look at the countryside. All was very pretty and green and lots of pivot irrigation systems were working south of Mission. The hog facility seemed larger as 21 buildings were counted. As they drove back into Murdo and continued on home to the ranch, they noted the dams were not as full, but lots of water still in the road ditches and dams had more water east and south of Kadoka. Vi had a nice visit with her friend, Nancy Gaylord, Branford, Conn. Nancy has performed numerous weddings at the country club along Long Island Sound. It is very beautiful along the southern shore of Connetecut. Don and Vi have been to that area many times and look forward to another venture to the East Coast again soon. Sunday found Tony Harty attending church, then had dinner out before he drove to the Milesville area to see the nasty blow the storm of the night before had dealt. Fields were damaged, some suffered windows broken out and water stood in the fields. He visited with Dana Fitzgerald while driving around, the cattle were driven into fences and folks were out and about assessing the damages and being sure livestock was safe too. Tony visited at the Hairs’ when he got back home. When I read what my calendar said for the weekend activities, someone over here suggested we should rent a place in Philip. Sometimes that would work. Sunday when I got home from church, I whipped up a birthday card for Terry Buchert's 60th. Now it's not that I'm too cheap to buy a real card, they just don't have the things I really want to say to good friends, so I design and make them myself. This one included a copy of a warranty repair certification and acknowledgment that Vivian had passed along to us. The date on the certificate was 4/1/71 the work was done at Frontier Motors in Rapid City for Loyd Buchert, Bill Sumpter was the mechanic, and 19-year-old Terry Buchert signed the ticket to get the vehicle. You can't find that in just any old card! Anyway, Bill and I joined friends and family Sunday noon for a potluck dinner, fun and visiting at the home of Jim and Betty Smith. Terry will remember this birthday for more than one reason, his crops were among many that were hailed on and he said one field had a quonset from Morrison’s farm in it. Our daughter, Shelley Seager, and Bonnie Moses from Nebraska arrived in Philip and Shelley joined Bill and me at the party. She was to meet a former neighbor from Rapid at a gas station, Lorna Squire, and her friend who were traveling through. Lorna remembered spending time at the farm with Sandra and Shelley. And mom, Ruth Fairchild, had made them banana pancakes and they swam in the dam. It was great to see Lorna. Shelley was a gal with a mission, she left directly from Philip to get to Rapid City to spend time with grandsons, Ryder Seager and Eli Seager. My Daysies quote that opened up said, “The more you say the less people remember.” Fenelon. Time to shut up I guess! “It isn't our position, but our disposition, that makes us happy.”
We would like to thank the following for their support over the years. We would not have been able to improve the baseball field without your help:
bathrooms: City of Philip ~ McQuirk Ditching ~ Brant’s Electric ~ Lurz Plumbing ~ Ramsey Inc. ~ Moses Bldg. Center ~ John Heltzel ~ National Mutual Benefit Concession Stand: Gibson Concrete baseball Field: O’Connell Construction Spraying: XXX Spraying
Philip Baseball Club
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E96 A@@= 2C62 @C C6BF:C6 E96 C68F=2C 25 >:DD:@? 7@C 2== 2EE6?566D !E H2D ?@E65 E92E :? E96 A2DE E96 :EJ 925 492C865 E96 C68F=2C 25>:DD:@? 766 @7 A6C 52J E@ 6G6CJ@?6 6?E6C:?8 E96 3:8 A@@= L 6G6? E@ E9@D6 :? DEC66E 4=@E96D ?@E DH:>>:?8 %@E:@? H2D >256 3J 2CE?6C D64@?565 3J 6?C:6 E@ 2AAC@G6 E96 62=E9 )64 @>>:EE66D C64@>>6?52E:@?D 2D AC6 D6?E65 4@AJ @7 E96 (@@= (@=:4J 2?5 3@@< :D @? 7:=6 :? E96 :?2?46 '77:46 2?5 2E E96 *H:>>:?8 (@@= %@E:@? 42CC:65 H:E9 2== >6>36CD G@E:?8 2J6 %@E:@? H2D E96? >256 3J 2CE?6C D64 @?565 3J 2CCJ E@ 2AAC@G6 DFCA=FD:?8 2?5 EC25:?8 :? E96 BF2%2I A@@= 4=62?6C E92E H2D AFC492D65 :? 7@C +96 A@@= 4=62?6C H2D EC2565 :? 7@C 2 4=62?6C E92E :D 56D:8?65 7@C A@@=D @7 @FC D:K6 2?5 56D:8? %@E:@? 42CC:65 @F?4:= H2D 2=D@ :?7@C>65 E92E 2== @7 E96 =:768F2C5D 92G6 4@>A=6E65 =:768F2C5 46C E:7:42E:@? +H@ @7 E96 =:768F2C5D 92G6 2=D@ 4@>A=6E65 .2E6C *276EJ !?DECF4E:@? .*! EC2:?:?8 D@ E96J 2C6 23=6 E@ E6249 DH:> >:?8 =6DD@?D ' -2? $:?E H6?E @? E@ AC6D6?E 2 AC@A6CEJ :?DFC2?46 BF@E6 7@C E96 DH:>>:?8 A@@= H:E9 E96 @F?4:= *96 ?@E65 E92E =2DE 72== %2CJ FC?6EE H:E9 :CDE &2E:@?2= 86?4J 3C@F89E E@ @FC 2EE6?E:@? E92E E96 A@@= AC@A6CEJ :D ?@E :?DFC65 *96 92D 366? AFCDF:?8 2 BF@E6 7C@> E96 :?DFC2?46 F? 56CHC:E6CD D:?46 E92E E:>6 2?5 C6A@CE65 =2DE H66< E92E E96 2??F2= AC6>:F> :D ,?7@CEF?2E6=J E9@F89 E96 F?56C HC:E6CD H:== ?@E 4@?7:C> H92E :D 2?5 H92E :D ?@E 4@G6C65 H:E9 E9:D AC6>:F> -2? $:?E C64@>>6?565 E96 @F?4:= H2:E @? E96 A@@= AC@A6CEJ :?DFC2?46 F?E:= >@C6 :?7@C>2E:@? :D AC@G:565 3J E96 F?56CHC:E 6CD &@ 24E:@? H2D E2<6? @F?4:= E96? C6G:6H65 EH@ BF@E6D 7C@> @??:6 9=6CD 7@C 2 C2:=:?8 @? E96 H6DE D:56 6?EC2?46 @7 E96 A@@= 2=@?8 E96 92?5 :42A C2>A 2?5 D:56H2=< 23FEE:?8 E96 EC24< +96 7:CDE BF@E6 H2D C6A@CE65 2E 7@C 2 C2:=:?8 H:E9 DA:?5=6D +96 D64@?5 BF@E6 H2D 7@C 2 EF36 C2:=:?8 @E9 BF@E6D :?4=F56 >2E6C:2= =23@C A2:?E:?8 2?5 :?DE2==2E:@? +96 C2:=:?8 :D 36:?8 AFCDF65 7@==@H:?8 E96 4@?46C?D ?@E65 =2DE J62C 7C@> 3@E9 :?5: G:5F2=D 2?5 A@@= A6CD@??6= C682C5:?8 E96 D:56H2=< 2?5 92?5:42A =6586 A6@A=6 72==:?8 @77 E96 =6586 !E H2D 2=D@ ?@E65 E92E E9:D 6IA6?5:EFC6D H2D ?@E 2AAC@AC:2E65 7@C :?
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" $ # ,D:BH 0G>7JI:H !I8 S B>C>BJB ;DG ;>GHI LDG9H Q E:G LDG9 I=:G:6;I:G !68= C6B: 6C9 >C>I>6A BJHI 7: 8DJCI:9 H:E6G6I:AN %C8AJ9:9 >C I=: 6C9 # B>C>BJB ;DG ;>GHI LDG9H Q E:G LDG9 I=:G:6;I:G !68= C6B: 6C9 >C>I>6A BJHI 7: 8DJCI:9 H:E 6G6I:AN ,G>CI:9 DCAN >C I=: $ 8=6G<:H #! ) 699:9 8=6G<: ;DG 7DD@@::E>C< 6C9 7>AA>C< DC 6AA " $ 6C9 DCAN E:G 8DAJBC >C8= >C8AJ9:9 >C I=: E:G 8DAJBC >C8= ;DG I=:
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!% # "<# $ AA G:6A :HI6I: 69K:GI>H:9 >C I=>H C:LHE6E:G >H HJ7?:8I ID I=: ":9:G6A "6>G $DJH>C< 8I D; L=>8= B6@:H >I >AA:<6A ID 69K:GI>H: U6CN EG:;:G:C8: DG 9>H8G>B>C6I>DC DC G68: 8DADG G:A><>DC H:M DG C6I>DC6A DG><>C DG 6CN >CI:CI>DC ID B6@: 6CN HJ8= EG:;:G:C8: A>B>I6 I>DC DG 9>H8G>B>C6I>DC V 0=>H C:LHE6E:G L>AA CDI @CDL>C<AN 688:EI 6CN 69K:GI>H>C< ;DG G:6A :HI6I: L=>8= >H 6 K>DA6I>DC D; I=: A6L +JG G:69:GH 6G: >C;DGB:9 I=6I 6AA 9L:AA>C<H 69K:GI>H:9 >C I=>H C:LHE6E:G 6G: 6K6>A67A: DC 6C :FJ6A DEEDGIJC>IN 76H>H
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
' $ $6N ID EJI JE DC H=6G:H >C I=: 36AA ,=>A>E 6G:6 6AA EA:6H: A:6K: 6 , IE B:HH6<:
! 6 0*! 0(3 * 0#0./ $+0-. 2%(( ! !1!-3 .! +* ! *!. 3 * !1!-3 /$%/ 0- 3 "-+) /+ ) +0*/-3 0, + - %. (+ /! %* (( - ("3& 5-2/ +&&1),' *)01&% (&/& .*&"0& 02# -/ & +")*),' 1- "%0 .)-,&&/ +)1 1(&+ #5 $"**),' /&3)&4 $-+ & 4)** /2, 5-2/ &3&,1 ,-1)$& 1(& 14- )002&0 ./)-/ 1- 5-2/ &3&,1 "1 ,- $("/'&
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" # )6CN JE<G69:H JE 96I:H >C E6HI ILD N:6GH 7:9 GDDBH 76I= <6G6<:H 8:CIG6A EGDE6C: =:6I 8:CIG6A 6>G *:L GDD; >C 6AA ' " #$) # 7:9GDDBH 7: BDK:9 6AA ,3 IE IE
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Thank you, family and friends for the lovely cards, letters, calls and well wishes for our 50th wedding anniverary. Fifty years together seems very short, especially when lived with the one you adore. We love you all! Bob & Doris Sheeley I want to thank the midland EMTs and firemen for their care on my ambulance trip to the Philip hospital. It’s nice to have that available when you are in need of help. Thank you to Dr. Klopper and the nursing staff for the good care. And thanks to those of you who have called, came to see me at the hospital and have sent cards. It is much appreciated! Jerry J. Nemec The words “thank you” aren’t enough for all the people who helped in any way after my boys, Blake and Braden’s rollover car accident. Sheriff Koester and Deputy Koffler for their quick response to the accident. Arthur McIlravy
Section B • Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 15
for stopping and checking the boys out at the scene. Terry Henrie and all the ER staff for their extraordinary care. John Daly for taking very good care of Brodie. Knowing he was in good hands made it easier for me to concentrate on his older brothers. Joel Kammerer, Tony and Laura Reder for helping get the car out of the ditch and hauling it to Rapid City. To my parents, Leroy and June, you are – and always have been – there for the boys and me. It means so much to us to know you’re there to help in any way you can. Justin for everything that you have done during and after the accident means the world to me. It takes someone very special to treat boys that are not yours like one of your own; you are very special to all of us! To anyone who I may have forgotten, I am sorry but know that whatever help was given, it meant a lot to me! I am once again reminded what a great community my family lives in!! This accident is a very good reminder to ALWAYS buckle up! I am very thankful mine were!! Lacy Puhlman
Dusty and Brooke Formanek’s home on the corner of Wood Avenue and High Street is showing some beautiful colors this spring. Their corner of Philip has been a work in progress for the last couple of years, and their hard work is really showing this year. Photo by Nancy Haigh
Moenville News
by Leanne Neuhauser • 567-3325
Greetings from sunny, bright, slightly battered northeast Haakon County. It is early Tuesday morning here, and the birds are singing, the temperatures are in the mid40s, and the sun is coming up – a truly gorgeous morning. But Saturday night was a whole different story here, when a severe hailstorm swept through the area, leaving lots of damage in its wake. Several of the wheat fields that were beginning to turn golden now have no visible heads of wheat – just a stem of straw. And the corn fields that were approaching knee high height are now just a battered stalk with shredded leaves on the ground. An oats field at Dick and Gene Hudson's looks like it was mowed with a mower! Some neighbors lost windows and grain bins, some had extensive vehicle damage, but fortunately I haven't heard of any person being injured, aside from a couple black and blue marks from being struck by hail. The storm also knocked over several power poles towards Highway 63. Even though our yard is surrounded by trees, the wind and hail found its way to my garden and did a lot of damage. The potato plants that were just ready to bloom are now a ragged mess, but the stems are still standing so I think, given time, the plants should survive. Hopefully, the same will be true for the tomatoes and peppers. A few of the plants broke off at ground level, but I'm hoping that the plants whose stems are still intact will recover also. Time will tell. I know for sure that I will be replanting cucumbers, because those plants were pounded right into the ground! I also won't be dealing with an apple harvest this fall, because the apples are ruined. The ground is littered with small apples, and the fruit that remains in the tree is pummeled as well. When I was surveying the yard yesterday, I noticed that there were lots of wild plums and chokecherries on the ground also, even in our protected yard. I imagine out in the open, the damage to the fruit is even worse. But even as bad as the devastation is, I think I would prefer dealing with the aftermath of a hail storm, rather than the aftermath of other disasters, such as a fire or flood. And, as Roy Roseth said on Sunday, "It is only one year." So we'll deal with the mess and make the best of whatever is left. One good thing about the storm, there was some very welcome rain included with the hail. It sounds like we received about 1 1/2 inches of rain in our area, which was very welcome. The dams are a little fuller, and the pastures benefited from the moisture also. Who knows, maybe there will be a second cutting of alfalfa now that we've received some rain! Nels and Dorothy Paulson were in Pierre Wednesday, having their four-wheeler worked on again. Dorothy said is seems to be working better, so maybe it is truly fixed this time. Thursday, Nels and Dorothy went to pick up bulls, and Friday they spent the day fixing fence. Saturday, of course, they were dealing with the storm also. Nels is very active in the fire department, so he was kept busy with lightning caused fires. Thank goodness the rain and hail arrived, because it sounds like there were several fires burning at once in the area. As Nels and Clint Alleman were returning from putting the fire truck away, they encountered the hail. The windshield in Nels and Dorothy's car was damaged by tennis ball sized hail being pushed by 70 mph winds. Dorothy said there is even a hole in the hood of the car, as well as a hole in the door, all caused by the hail. The wind also popped a window out in the house. Dorothy is hoping that maybe this hail killed some of the grasshoppers – the verdict is out on that one yet. Clark and Carmen Alleman were to Rochester last week for a checkup, and they returned home Saturday. On the way home, they stopped in Midland at the open house for Ida Hunt. They were home when the storm struck – not a very pleasant welcome home. The hail broke a couple of windows in the kitchen of their home, driving glass clear into their dining room. They also lost a couple of grain bins due to the winds. Clark and Carmen had extensive storm damage four years ago, when a monster storm blew through their area. They are probably ready to be storm free for a while! Lola Roseth was in Rapid City Wednesday, visiting son Rhett, daughter Kayce and son-in-law John. Wednesday night, she went to John's softball game. Friday, Harlan Gerlach (Kayce's father-inlaw) came out and spent the day. Sandy (John's mother) works as an accountant/ bookkeeper in Rapid City, so wasn't able to come. Saturday, Lola and Duane attended Ida and Ted Hunt's birthday party in Midland. Sunday, Lola and Duane's son, Thor, and his wife, Jackie, and baby son, Royce, came to the ranch for Sunday dinner and some visiting. Lola said they had some hail damage at their place, but it wasn't as severe as areas farther north. Frank and Shirley Halligan attended the wedding of Jess Starr and Jaral Jiron in Dupree Saturday. They arrived home just before the fire calls started coming in. They had a fire at the Buchholz place in the trees near the river. At the same time, there was a tornado warning for that area and the sky was looking ominous, so Frank sent the firefighters home as it looked like the rain would put it out. Then the rain and hail hit. The Halligans lost two shop doors at their home place near the river and the weather thrashed Shirley's tomato plants. The hail was much worse towards Normans and Scarboroughs and seemed to start right after you went around the first curve on the highway southeast of Halligan's house. They received 1.25" of rain on top of the .50" earlier in the week. Sunday, Shirley picked up Laura Hand, and the ladies went to Philip to see the production of “Honky Tonk Angels.” It was well worth the trip and an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Dick and Gene Hudson went to Philip Saturday evening to see the production of “Honky Tonk An-
gels.” They enjoyed the program, saying the group had a lot of wonderful talent. When the play was over, their daughter, Connie Johnson, called them and told them they should stay put for a while because of the nasty weather headed towards the ranch. Dick and Gene stayed at the Philip school for a bit before taking shelter under an awning at a local gas station. They came home later Saturday evening, seeing tree damage and over turned trucks as they left Philip. There was no church service at Deep Creek Sunday, as everyone in the area was busy surveying damage. Billy and Arlyne Markwed were in Philip Friday evening attending a performance of “Honky Tonk Angels.” They said it was an excellent performance, and they would have liked to see it again! Saturday, Billy attended the open house for Ida and Ted Hunt in Midland. Arlyne Markwed met her sister-inlaw, Emily Sammons, and the ladies went to Pierre to attend a baby shower for their great-niece, Lee (Fosheim) Gerlach. Sunday, Jeanine Gabriel and kids were dinner guests at Billy and Arlyne's. Part of Sunday was spent sorting cattle, as the storm pushed some heifers through the fence and they mixed with another bunch of cows. Nancy Neuhauser had lunch with friends Wednesday afternoon, and the ladies enjoyed an afternoon of card playing. Thursday, Nancy's niece from North Dakota came to visit. They had supper together, and her niece helped Nancy and Ray with some projects. Friday, Nancy's granddaughters, Rhonda and Teddi, were at Nancy and Ray's setting up for a rummage sale Saturday. Sunday, Ray and Nancy attended the high school rodeo in Ft. Pierre, where one of Nancy's grandsons was competing. Ray stays busy with his card groups. Clint and Laura Alleman branded their last bunch of calves Tuesday. Tuesday was also their wedding anniversary, so they celebrated by going out to supper. Thursday and Friday, Laura was in Hayes helping her parents with their business there. Alivya went along and spent the time playing with her cousins who were spending time with grandpa and grandma Yost. Saturday night, of course, the big storm blew through, leaving lots of damage to the roof, siding and deck at their home. Their vehicle also got quite a bit of hail damage, as Clint was driving home from fire fighting when the storm hit. Thank goodness no one was hurt! When Laura saw that the wind was blowing 70 mph, driving the huge hailstones against the house, she and Alivya headed to the basement. Then the electricity went out – Laura said it was so
scary that she could hear her heart pounding – thankfully, Alivya slept through it! Chase and Kelly Briggs said they had hail and some damage to crops, but it wasn't too severe. Bill and Polly Bruce had company last Wednesday. Bill's brother, Kenny, and wife Sue from Atlanta came to visit, as did Bill's sister, Betty, and her husband, Dennis Casey, Rapid City. Vince, Katie, and David joined the group for lunch, and the couples spent the afternoon visiting, looking at old pictures, etc. Son David spent the week at the ranch helping with projects, and he returned to his home in Rapid City Friday. Saturday, Bill and Polly were in Midland to attend the wedding of Dustin Vollmer and C.J. Schofield. The wedding was held in the park, followed by a reception at the legion hall. Following the reception, Bill and Polly attended church in Midland prior to returning home. After they got home, the storm hit with a vengence, blowing out one of the main floor windows. Polly said the hail ruined all the window screens on the west and south sides of their house. Bill and Polly went to the basement because of the wind. They received .80 inches of rain and minimal hail damage to the crops – Polly also reported damage to her garden. Sunday afternoon, Bill and Polly went to Philip to attend the musical production, which was very enjoyable. On the way home, they stopped in Midland for supper. Vince and Katie Bruce have been busy working cattle, both at home and sometimes helping the neighbors. Jon and Connie Johnson had a lot of damage to crops and their garden from the wind and hail. Monday, they were in Brookings so their son, Wyatt, could register for classes, as he will be a freshman at South Dakota State University this fall. Also on Monday, their son, Avery, traveled to Chamberlain to attend Farm Bureau camp. Marge Briggs said she was sad to see all the devastation from the storm. She measured 1.36" of rain Saturday night, and she is waiting to see what survives in her garden. Ruth Neuhauser had a quiet
week last week, but she is looking forward to a visit from her daughter and son-in-law, Lynn and Nina Nachtigall, Cheyenne, Wyo., this week. Her granddaughter, Tara, from New York will also be along for the visit. Mary Neuhauser spent the weekend at the ranch, so she got to experience the storm also. Kevin said it was one of the worst storms he has ever experienced out here. I wasn't able to reach any of the other neighbors for their news, but I know from touring the area that many fields and gardens are ruined. Last Saturday, I took my husband, Randy, to the emergency room in Philip, and he spent the night in the hospital there. It is a nice facility with great staff – won-
derful to have the hospital there when you need it. While Randy was hospitalized, I spent the night in Kadoka with my mother, Letoy Brown. We attended a family picnic Saturday evening at my cousin Randi Oyan's home. She has a beautiful yard, and the weather was perfect. My cousin, Sondi, and her family from Albuquerque were also there, so we had a nice visit. I watched the storm building, and I could tell from the weather radar that it was hitting our area, but I guess I'm not sorry I missed it. Randy was released from the hospital Sunday, and as we were leaving town we saw lots of people in Philip cleaning up downed trees, etc. We arrived home to the devas-
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Section B • Thursday, June 14, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 16
Blast from the Past
From the archives of the Pioneer Review
84 Years Ago ~ June 7, 1928 Eighth grade graduating exercises will be held at the Gem Theatre Saturday, June 9, with 97 graduating from 45 school districts. *** Fire, the origin of which is unknown, broke out about five o’clock Sunday morning in the building occupied by the Geo. Owens Blacksmith Shop. The entire building was a mass of flames when the fire was discovered, but in an incredibly short time the fire department, under the direction of Chief Wm. Murphy, was at work and had it under control. *** Arrangements have been made for a Chautauqua to be held in Philip June 27th to 30th on the lots just west of the courthouse. This will be the first Chautauqua in Philip for a number of years and a splendid attendance is expected. *** Manager Wayne Waddell is planning a big Fourth of July celebration at the B&Y Pavilion eleven miles east of Philip and seventeen miles west of Midland on the highway. A program of sports of interest to everyone is being arranged and in addition to these, free vaudeville acts will be given. A fast ball game between two of the best teams in the country is promised for the afternoon. Red’s Omaha Dance Band will furnish music all day and for the dance in the evening. The orchestra has played at the Pavilion several times this season and has made a big hit with the crowds. Local News … A marriage license was issued to Harold O. Mills and Margie Lang, both of Moenville, on June 2 by Clerk of Courts Benedict. Miss Anna Hanson is clerking at the Schimke Variety store during vacation. Grindstone News … Several neighbors dropped in to surprise the Rausches last Wednesday evening in honor of the departure of Margaret and Dorothy to Chicago. The evening was gaily spent with games and dancing. Bill Peppert has a carload of lambs to be delivered this month. With lambs at nineteen cents, we surely do envy Bill. 75 Years Ago ~ June 3, 1937 Maxine Griffin of the Robinson Creek school in the Leslie district with an average of 95 1-9 received the highest grade of the 51 eighth grade graduates in Haakon County. Moenville News … Mr. and Mrs. T.O. Bentley went to Midland Saturday and moved their son, Kenneth, home. Milesville News … Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kertzman are rejoicing over the arrival of a grandson born to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Piroutek of Belvidere Monday, May 27. Mrs. Piroutek and baby are in Rapid City doing well. Jane Fitch and Charlotte O’Neal were calling on friends in Milesville last Saturday afternoon, en route to Philip. Elbon Chaff … Berniece Jensen returned recently from Illinois where she has spent the last three years. Local Briefs … The dormitory closed another successful year, the third one since the plan started. About 40 boys and girls were able to attend school which might have otherwise been denied them without a dormitory, Supt. G.D. Hendreckson stated that the dormitory had been unusually successful this year and that much credit it due the deans, Mrs. Loren Taylor and Lloyd Jones. Reber Bakery has jelly layer cake with cream cheese icing for 21¢, raisin buns 15¢ a dozen and nutty brown bread 9¢ for a one pound loaf. Billsburg News … On Monday of last week Mrs. J.E. Gittings met with what might have been a more serious accident. In attempting to start the fire she poured gasoline from a glass jar in the stove. After being gone for some time she came back and thinking the fire hadn’t started, she poured some more gasoline on it. An explosion caused the container to catch on fire. She succeeded in getting it out to the porch, where after some time she was able to put the fire out. She escaped with burns on her hands and one leg which we imagine were quite painful. South Creek News … Mrs. Stilwell had the misfortune to have the rats carry away about 50 little turkeys Sunday night. 50 Years Ago ~ June 7, 1962 Miss Dianne Kay Eymer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Eymer of Milesville, became the bride of Buddy L. Leggett, son of the late Orville Leggett of Kadoka. *** Mr. and Mrs. Luther Knutson announce the approaching wedding of their daughter, Lu Ann Charlene, to Jim Kent Baker. Engaged … Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Noack of Philip, announce the engagement of their daughter, Marjorie, to Gerald R. Thorvaldson, son of Mr. and Mrs. K. Rueben Thorvaldson. Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jones announce the engagement of their daughter, Gail Irene, to Michael H. Micek, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Micek, Duncan, Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hunt of Okaton, announce the engagement of their daughter, Fay, to Richard L. Deal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Deal of Murdo. Births … Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hewitt, Philip, boy, 8 lbs. 4 1/2 ozs. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Morrison, Philip, girl, 6 lbs. 7 oz. Mr. and Mrs. Doug Schrader, Philip, girl, 7 lbs. 13 3/4 ozs. *** Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Reynick have leased the Senechal Coffee Shop and took possession as of the first of June. Mrs. Marlis Meeks, former operator, has joined her husband at the ranch on the Cheyenne River near Pedro. *** D&R Drive-In Theatre east on Hwy 14. Shows start at 8 p.m. Kids 35¢ adults and high school $1, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and
Thursday night $1 per car. Skyline News … Mr. and Mrs. James Olsen were somewhat rained in at the Olsen home. On Friday they drove their little foreign sports car to Philip so they could visit their aunts, Mrs. Emil Baye and family, Mrs. Ilo Rausch and family. Larry Dean took them to the Raymond Dean home in the afternoon and they all came back to Philip to attend Larry’s graduation exercises. Grant Olsen came out Friday evening to spend the weekend at the Olsen home and visit his cousin, Mr. and Mrs. James Olsen. We were very sorry to learn of Donnette O’Connell’s accident last week and wish her a speedy recovery. Milesville News … Congratulations on the arrival of a baby daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Osborn, nee Barbara Burns, Memorial Day. Grindstone News … Donnie, two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Thorson climbed up into the cupboard and ate a handful of pills, about 12 of them. They took him immediately to Quinn and Dr. Hvam pumped out his stomach. He never suffered any bad effects from his ordeal.
tation left by the wind and hail – Randy didn't feel too good in the first place, and the ruined crops didn't make him feel any better. Our nephew, Colton Nickelson, was at the ranch Saturday evening, and he had some golf ball sized hail stones that he had preserved in the freezer. Our crops are very damaged, as is the yard and garden, but it probably could have been worse. The livestock seem to be fine, and the buildings withstood the big blow. Hopefully this week will be better! Today I am grateful that no one was injured during the storm. Although the hail did a lot of damage, the rain will do a lot of good. And there is one thing you can count on from South Dakotans – we generally take what we have and make the most of it. Go out and make it a great week!
Stacked branches – a common site around the Philip area during cleanup after the Saturday evening, June 9, windstorm that left damage throughout Haakon County. This particular brush pile was on Philip Avenue.
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ecials: Lunch Sp riday day-F Mon :30 11:00 to 1 Call for specials!
The Steakhouse & Lounge Downtown
Open Daily ~ Monday thru Saturday
enu Regular Mightly! ilable N Ava * * * Buffet Fri & Sat. 0 p.m. 5:00 to 8:0
Thursday, June 14: Tuesday, June 12: Walleye Petite Ribeye Friday, June 15: Wednesday, June 13: Ground Sirloin, Basket of Pork Ribs Chicken, Shrimp
Saturday, June 16: Barbecued Pork Ribs, Chicken, Shrimp Monday, June 18: 1/2 lb. Cheeseburger
Reservations: 859-2774
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